September 7, 2020

Best Ionic Hair Brush 2020

Our hair has positive and negative ions. But if we often brush or towel-dry it, the negative ions become eliminated, leaving it frizzy and tangled. Emitting heat on your locks is one of the best ways to solve this problem. However, you need a special tool to do it.

Luckily, an ionic hair brush is already available in the market. It is a special tool that smoothes tangled hair by releasing a balanced amount of positive and negative ions into the strands. If you have dry, frizzy hair, this tool can fix it, too.

See the greatest products that you can get online. Take a look at the list of best ionic brushes below:

Revlon One-Step Hot Air Brush

Achieve the brilliant shine and gorgeous volume you’ve been looking for using a single tool. Revlon One-Step will help you untangle dry, frizzy locks without the help of other heat tools.

Compared to other hot air brushes, you can use this volumizer closer to the scalp to have a better lift. It also comes with nylon pin bristles to remove tangles, round edges to create volume, and a unique oval brush design to make the strands smooth.

It is powered by advanced ionic technology, providing shiny, salon-style finish. You can also reduce the damage caused by over-styling as it features ceramic technology.

One-Step is very versatile, too. It comes with 3 heat/speed settings and a cool tip for flexible styling, ALCI plug for safety, and a 6-foot swivel cord for convenience.


  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic design
  • Works on any hair type and style
  • Nylon pin bristles for tangle-free strands


  • May malfunction when used on wet hair

CNXUS Ionic Brush

You can easily achieve beautiful, salon-quality hair that lasts for 24 hours using CNXUS. It is perfect for daily care as it can remove tangles and straighten locks quickly.

It comes with MCH heating and advanced ionic technology, which are responsible for producing rapid, uniform heating. The ions can penetrate quickly into the roots, nourishing, and strengthening the strands. The heat settings can be adjusted from 150C to 230C for flexible styling.

Other great features of CNXUS is its 360 swivel cord, secure hard plastic bristles, auto-shut off, and 5 temperature settings.


  • Anti-clad feature
  • 5 temperature settings
  • Can be used on beards
  • Works on all hair types


  • The switch tends to stick
  • Can be easily burned

Osensia Ionic Brush

Want to have a good hair day? Then, you should check out Osensia Ionic Brush.

This professional-grade product will take your unique blowout to the next level. It will leave your tresses styled and volumized in minutes. So, whether you’re going for a sleek, sexy, or voluminous look, Osensia can be your best companion.

It comes with ceramic plates, enabling the airflow through the holes of the barrel. This can maximize the cooling time, drying time, and the shine of your tresses.

It is also designed with a cushioned handle that will enable you to hold it comfortably. The handle won’t easily slip off your hand and won’t overheat quickly. Moreover, this product also comes with anti-static bristles that remove dust, dirt, and dandruff on your scalp.


  • Dries tresses quickly
  • Designed with cushioned handle
  • Removes dirt, dust, and dandruff
  • Promotes natural shine
  • Leaves strands volumized in minutes
  • Durable


  • Packaging needs improvement
  • Not ideal for thick strands

Buyer’s Guide

Not all brushes are the same. That’s why you should find the one that meets your needs. There are some factors that need to be considered when looking for the best tool for tangle and frizz.

Take a look at these factors below:

  • Cushioned handle.

Comfort is an essential factor when looking for a brush. This is equally important if you have thick tresses, as brushing them can be quite a chore.

It should be easy to use and enable you to hold the barrels together with minimal effort. Make sure that the handle comes with an ergonomic design to be able to hold the barrel and move it over your head conveniently.

  • Nylon bristles.

Bristles made with nylon are better than other types because they can make your locks smoother and softer. They won’t cause damage, too.

For fine locks, on the other hand, boar bristles is a great option as it’s soft on the scalp and won’t cause breakage.

  • Brush shape.

The shape of the product will depend on the length of your tresses. Flat design is suitable for short and medium hair. If you have longer hair, on the other hand, it’s best to choose a roller brush.

  • Plate Material.

Ceramic plates can make your strands shinier and smoother as they increase the release of negative ions. They also speed up the straightening process of the hair. It is perfect for fine and damaged tresses.

Tourmaline, on the other hand, heats the ionic brushes faster and produces even more negative ions. It will not just make your locks shiny and smooth, it will also make them sleek, straighter, and frizz-free. It works on all hair types.

Titanium is the best plate material if you have thick or coarse strands. It may not be the most common material for ionic brushes but because of its durability and excellent heat transfer, some brands still incorporate it in their products. It is not suitable for fine, thin strands because the heat it produces is too much.

All of them are amazing – you just need to consider your needs to find the right plate material. So, make sure to consider them when doing your research. They can speed up the heat of the brush and emit more negative ions.

Final Thoughts

Frizz and tangles can break your look. So, make sure to find an effective hair tool to fix these problems.

Revlon One-Step is the best ionic brush for me, simply because of its great features. Other than its ionic and ceramic technology, it also comes with nylon bristles, an ergonomic handle, nylon bristles, and a unique brush design.

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