January 12, 2022

Best LinkedIn Automation Tool – Octopus CRM Review

In the present day, LinkedIn is the top-most professional platform. The platform aims to help in recruiting, networking alongside generating sales for B2B transactions, products, and services. The platform offers a diverse range of opportunities, assisting users in maximizing their connections, CRM, and endorsements. With high demand, there is an increased number of ways people are coming up with to use LinkedIn in their best interests. Many companies are bringing new ideas every other day to help users utilize LinkedIn to its utmost potential. One such company, Octopus CRM, promises lead generation and helps users gain more engagement.

The article has a detailed review of Octopus CRM, the ultimate LinkedIn automation tool, helping you gain helpful insights into the platform.

Let’s dig in then!

What is Octopus CRM?

Octopus CRM, a LinkedIn automated software service, offers various features. The features include sending and receiving automation requests, messaging in bulk, automatic endorsement of approximately seven skills, automatic visits on profile, and much more.

Most other social media platforms don’t reveal profile visits to their users. However, LinkedIn isn’t one of those. The forum displays the list of profile visits to its users. For this reason, several automated services include profile visits on the platform. It allows you to store leads and build marketing funnels on the channel.

The Octopus CRM is uniquely designed for B2B marketers, B2C marketers, small businesses, massive enterprises, and agencies.

Useful Features Octopus CRM

Here is the list of features that are useful for users on a larger scale.

Automation of Tasks on LinkedIn

The perfect value of Octopus CRM is recognized for automating everyday or usual tasks on the platform. You can use this software to send bulk messages to your contact list automatically. You can send all the marketing messages all at once. It is a profitable marketing strategy.

It further helps you send a connection request to your second and third-level association for lead generation. You can still visit hundreds of profiles and send a professional connection to related profiles among the targeted audience.

The feature helps automate your lead generation through LinkedIn, and you aren’t required to spend hours on it. Thus, this allows users to save lots of time and money while generating leads automatically.

However, there is a tip for it! Just because you can send messages in bulk and connection requests automatically doesn’t mean that you spam inboxes. Also, try to clean off your list. Remove people who aren’t responsive.

Build Sales Funnel

The different features provided by Octopus CRM, when brought together, help you to create winning sales funnels. Here is an example of a small sales funnel, which you can start using the software.

  • At first, you are required to browse through a range of profiles and select your target audience.
  • Next, send invites to all the related profiles in your second or third-level connections, balancing your relationship.
  • Once sent and accepted, you can now send thank you messages.
  • You can endorse skills and warm these prospects to nurture the leads.
  • When you can get the attention of your targeted viewers, you can now send messages automatically.
  • There is a high chance that few of them reciprocate it and take the desired action.

This is just one example of creating a sales funnel. However, the tip is to experiment with the funnels, test different options, and see which one of these works in favor.

Performance Recognition

Octopus CRM isn’t only the best-automated software, but it is undoubtedly an excellent analytics software solution. It provides you with an analytics software dashboard that delivers significant metrics on your campaign’s performance.

You can see how many connection requests were sent, how many get accepted, and more from only a single dashboard. You can easily find all the numbers listed beside the task list, review their performance and recognize the success rate.

The feature helps you recognize improvement areas, resulting in improved performance.

Integrate with Other Software

Intelligent software helps you to join hands with over 1000 software solutions. You can send contacts to your HubSpot and keep track of detailed records of connections. Next, list down, send and accept in Google sheets.

The integration with software helps you associate with several applications and design a smooth workplace to keep things organized and functioning well. The best part is that it is all done with just a few clicks.

The Best Part of Octopus CRM

Octopus CRM is available as a Chrome extension to join up with a LinkedIn account. This becomes easy and becomes a notch higher. Since you can directly send LinkedIn contacts to this platform using an extension, it makes it easy to generate leads.


Octopus CRM is an excellent tool for prospecting and generating leads on LinkedIn. It automates all routine lead generation tasks that you need to recognize and nurture leads. When used correctly, it is beneficial, particularly for B2B marketers.

The only con that comes with it is that data download options can be improved, which they are working on.

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