September 23, 2020

Best New Apps Of 2020 So Far

The Google Play Store is home to over 2.9 million apps. While some are real gems, others are a dud. Luckily for Android users, we’ve compiled a list of the best new apps released in 2020. There’s news for iOS users, too as most of these apps are also available on the Apple App Store.

9 Popular Apps of 2020 (So Far)

1. Pokemon Smile

Starting with the kids, Pokemon Smile is Nintendo’s latest offering for Android and iOS users. The app leverages the iconic pocket monsters to make sure the kids brush their teeth regularly before bed during the quarantine. The app basically turns to brush into a fun activity.

Simply open Pokemon Smile and turn the front camera on your face and watch Pikachu or Squirtle guide you through the correct steps of brushing. Kids learn about the different quarters of our teeth, how long to brush them, and in what order.

Successfully completing the steps clears the teeth of virtual critters, earning players the chance of throwing a Pokeball at the attackers in an attempt to capture them. Needless to say, this one’s best left for the kids, as the adults hopefully know how to brush their teeth!

2. Photoshop Camera

Although Adobe’s Photoshop Camera launched back in November 2019, we still include them since mass-rollout hadn’t begun before June of this year. It isn’t the unique app on the planet but makes it easier to edit images on your device without spending a lot of time ironing out imperfections.

Photoshop Camera isn’t a novelty and basically uses classic filters to turn any old photo into a masterpiece within a couple of seconds. It does a better job than your average joe since it’s Photoshop at the end of the day! The app offers the perfect alternative to generic filters, unlocking an all-new world of Instagrammable selfies and food pics!

3. HBO Max

Although the HBO Max mobile app isn’t a novelty, it’s on our list since you don’t get new streaming services every day. The app does everything you’d expect from it and has a decent movie selection. Users can also download movies for offline viewing.

The best part about the app is HBO Go users can use existing credentials to log in to HBO Max and don’t need to spend an additional $14.99 per month on a new subscription. But if you’re looking for unique content, fair warning, you won’t find any here!

4. Anonymous Camera

An app with real-world utility, Anonymous Camera was conceived in the middle of the nationwide protests against police brutality, sparked by the inhumane manslaughter of George Floyd by Office Derek Chauvin. The app has one simple purpose, blurring the faces of protestors using solid colors and on-device machine learning.

Users just need to snap a picture using the app, and the computer does the rest on its own. Users on iPhone XS and newer devices can blur out the entire body. The app also erases meta-data, making it difficult to identify people if these pictures make it on social media. The best part, however, is it’s free! Follow this link for similar apps.


Although currently available only in Virginia, USA, COVIDWISE is the state’s official COVID-19 tracker. The app silently remains active in the background, tracking movement data using Google and Apple’s Exposure API, and keeping track of other devices crossing paths.

If any person you’ve come across tests positive for COVID-19, the app sends out a notification alerting you of a possible infection. The app also alerts the government so they can take all necessary precautions. There are similar apps effective at a regional level, but this one is the most advanced to date.

6. LitePass

This appdiscovery platform focuses on highlighting the Lite versions of every available app. Users can simply open the app and browse through the list of Lite apps on the Google Play Store database. Needless to say, LitePass is currently an Android exclusive.

LitePass has access to every major Lite app that users might want, like Facebook, YouTube, Skype, Line, and Twitter to name a few. The developers promise to constantly upgrade the database every time an app’s Lite version is available. The interface is quite simple and shouldn’t intimidate the amateurs.

7. Wondery

A premium podcasting platform home to some very unique content, Wondery is a serious audio streaming service perfect for spending time with during quarantine. The app contains numerous off-beat shows and special episodes that users can follow, just like a standard video streaming service.

If you’re thinking of a few apps that fit the genre, let’s be very clear Wondery is a novel idea. The free version contains loads of content, which is unheard of in similar podcasting apps. The paid version scales things a notch higher. A Wondery subscription should sufficiently replace any existing app you’re currently using.

8. ScreenHive

An experimental digital wellbeing platform, ScreenHive uses the Bubble pop function, similar to Messenger’s Chat Heads, to run a little timer on the screen at all times.

The timer tells you how long you’ve been shamelessly hogging the smartphone, effectively stopping you from spending an entire day on the phone. The app is free and should not be difficult to navigate.

9. Q Chat

An anonymous chatroom app with a few decent features like an auto-generated screen name and private messaging. Users don’t need to sign up, similar to old IRC apps. Q Chat is currently in the Early Access Beta form, which leads us to believe the developers are hard at work, upgrading existing features while throwing in a few interesting elements in the mix. Here’s a sneak-peek into a few similar apps.

Bonus Fact: A steady spike in iGaming during quarantine prompted numerous online casinos to come up with mobile versions of browser-based games. If you’re an iGaming fan, be sure to check out the list on

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