April 28, 2020

Best online fax services for 2020 Make You Fax Staggeringly Easy in 1 Minute

If you have used fax for once, you must know that it has been a preferred source of communication for old-technology lovers due to its effectiveness. Fax is not a communication medium but it has been a custom for sharing important data. Even after years of innovation, it’s still there with all its usefulness.

These older ways of fax have become obsolete and unfeasible with the advent of technology. People prefer convenient ways of sharing data and communicating with friends and colleges. Therefore, fax has made it possible through digital devices with all its values and efficacy. Keep reading this guide to explore the benefits of traditional fax using modern communication devices.

Online Fax Services for transferring Fax via Email

Email and fax works are two different mechanisms. The latest communication devices work on digital signals whereas fax machines were based on analog signals. Therefore, you cannot send or receive fax using your email address even if you own a fax machine.

The online fax service providers provide email to fax and fax to mail services with reliability and ensure your data privacy. You can get subscription packages from online fax service providers and get a mediator to send and receive fax using your email account.

CocoFax, a Reliable Fax Service Provider

CocoFax is one of the trustable and easy fax solutions. CocoFax offers you to fax online. It is a reliable fax solution so that you can safely transfer your important documents. The data between the sender and receiver is encrypted so that no one can sneak peek into personal data.

CocoFax is a well-reputed online fax service provider. It has been recommended by millions of users worldwide and positive customer reviews as it comes up with unlimited conveniences of faxing. Many international channels such as PCMag, CNET, Forbes, Life wire, and TechRadar have highly regarded CocoFax.

CocoFax does not only work as a fax transfer service but it also offers free fax numbers. You don’t have to call your phone company to get one. You can also try out CocoFax with a free trial of 30 days without investing money. You can also cancel the trail and switch to other fax service providers.

How does CocoFax work?

Fax machines convert information into analog signals which travel over telephone lines which are alike making a call on the landline. However, emails travel over the internet and work on digital mediums. To connect transmission mediums with each other, an intermediate service is required to convert the signals.

CocoFax has made online faxing possible with utmost reliability. It converts analog signals to digital and vice versa for a smooth faxing process. You don’t need to follow any manual techniques for making documents readable on both sides. CocoFax does the job automatically.

  • Send Free Email to Fax via CocoFax

CocoFax is the easiest way to send a fax online. To get started with CocoFax, check this guide. You can use CocoFax without any technical knowledge as the interface is self-explanatory.

Step 1: Signup with CocoFax

Register your CocoFax account and if you already have one, log in to your account and select your fax number. You can avail 30 days free trial of CocoFax which leads to subscription packages.

Step 2: Compose Email

Open your email account using any email client or web browser. You can use email to fax solutions through any laptop or handheld device including Android and iOS.

Open your Gmail or Yahoo email and provide mandatory information. Fax titles should be added in the Subject field. You can also provide a cover page of the fax by typing in the email body.

Step 3: Attach documents

CocoFax provides many file formats to send as fax documents. You can send pdf files, word documents, excel files, and images as a fax document using CocoFax email to fax.

Attach the required documentation to an email and wait for complete uploading. You can also add multiple documents to email. These documents appear as single fax on the receiver fax machine.

Step 4: Share drive files

You can also send drive documents as fax. Just enter the receiver address and the documents will be shared automatically. You don’t need to download the document and then again upload it for sending them. CocoFax cuts these processes short by offering drive share facilities.  

Step 5: Send Fax

To send emails as fax, enter the receiver fax number by amending it with cocofax.com. If the fax number is 12345 then you should add 12345@cocofax.com. After entering the address, click on the Send button.

This will transfer the email to CocoFax servers. These documents are then converted into a tiff format which is readable for a fax machine. In this way, the receiver receives email as a fax from the fax machine without any extra hassle.

CocoFax also sends notifications for the successful delivery of faxes. Even if the fax document sending was failed, you will also find a message alert to retry sending.

  • Receive Free Fax to Email via CocoFax

Receiving fax with email is an automated procedure. After registering with CocoFax, you don’t have to follow any extra processes for receiving fax to your email account.

Your CocoFax fax number and email address will be used for transferring all the sent faxes to your number. You should open your email inbox and all received faxes will be there with timestamps and sender details.

Even if you are connected to the internet and your device is turned off, CocoFax still transfers the fax documents to your email account so that you can check them in free time. There is no possibility of missing fax documents and you are relieved from sitting at your workspace all the time.

Efax.com, an Online Fax Service provider

Reliability is the most important factor when exchanging sensitive data. The email to fax service by Efax transfers data securely. Efax is one of the most trusted solutions for sending and receiving fax online.

All you need to do is signup with Efax and it takes care of all sent and received faxes. You can use your email account and send faxes easily without dealing with fax machines.


FaxPlus provides an online fax solution without managing fax machines, papers, and toners. Just signup with FaxPlus and get started with an online fax solution. You can send and receive fax effortlessly without following any long procedures. FaxPlus helps you to receive fax using your email account and send the fax by just composing an email and attaching documents.

FaxPlus makes sure that the communication is confidential and just between you and the receiver. Therefore, you cannot just trust any random app for the purpose.

Fax Authority

You don’t have to invest in a fax machine and get papers to send and receive documents via online fax. Fax Authority is a free fax service provider. You can send the fax using an email account and get a fax number from online fax service providers.

All the received faxes appear in your email account inbox and you can also send by just composing an email. You can send and receive international faxes anywhere, anytime.


MyFax is one of the well-reputed internet fax services. Along with many other advanced features, MyFax offers free account creation, a trial period of 30 days, and a free fax number as well. It is one of the most trusted fax services as multiple business firms rely on faxing with MyFax

You can send and receive faxes without a fax machine and landline connection. MyFax offers transferring fax by using any email client. You can access fax from the web browser using any device irrespective of its specifications.

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