January 12, 2023

Best Soccer Instagram Accounts to Follow

Besides traditional means of getting soccer news via TV or print media, Instagram is the perfect go-to media for soccer fans. 

From football discussions to Champions League predictions to pre-match and post-match interviews and even behind-the-scenes interviews of your favorite football personas, numerous pages on Instagram provide all of this exciting content on soccer.

However, the most vital concern is where you can get factual, unique, engaging, and creative content and even live discussions for your Champions League predictions today. We have done our research, so read on as we explore the best soccer Instagram accounts and why they are worth following.


From 2.3 million Instagram followers in its first year – 2013, 433 has over 58 million followers on Instagram and was named in 2020 as the most extensive online soccer community.

The bio names it “the home of football,” and 433 is living up to that with content on all you need to know about every game and unique graphics on match results and player celebrations.

The page’s name is a reference to soccer’s 4-3-3 player formation, and although it has recently become popular in the media, 433 was one of the originators of football visuals and graphics.

If you aren’t already, give the page a follow for innovative soccer updates.


Bleacher Report Football – where Football meets the internet. The page has over 13 million followers and specializes in original player and team animations and cartoons. Their visual designs are both incredibly inventive and educational.

BR first proposed a short cartoon series based on the Champions League seasons. In the series, all of the prominent players from the UEFA Champions League reside in a football mansion. It is incredibly entertaining to watch because of the sarcasm, humor, and several subtle references.

BR dishes out news on who scored, who lost, who is going where, who missed, who got fired, and everything else. If anyone wants to learn what is happening in the world of Football swiftly, this is one page to follow.


OhMyGoal, where football lives, is a guaranteed source of news, stories, and fun for the ultimate football fan. The Instagram page posts a lot of informational videos that answer popular and contextual football questions with titles like:

“‘Who invented this game?’ “, “Why do goalkeepers spit on their gloves?” “, “Why does Benzema play with his bandage on?” and ‘guess the player.'”

Furthermore, the handle posts videos in the style of a news reporter in which an anchor explains a specific incident or issue in a game. They even take it further by posting local and street football videos. You can also find football memes and player/manager comments on the page. 

With over 2.5 million followers, OhMyGoal is one place to drop by to fulfill your need for exciting sports content.


talkSPORT does things a little differently as it is a famous football radio station. With features like Gameday and Ask Eddie, the page aims to provide interactive content for over 500,000 followers.

World-renowned journalists and football personalities like Jurgen Klopp and Jamie Carragher follow it. The platform is well-known for inviting former players to participate in question-and-answer sessions with their fans via Instagram.

Laura Woods, a well-known journalist, hosts the ‘talkSPORT Breakfast’ show, a video podcast by talkSPORT.

For live interviews with football icons, random soccer facts, trophies won, and behind-the-scenes content, talkSPORT is the place to be.


If you prefer a dose of humor served with accurate football news, FTBL should be your next follow on Instagram. The page describes itself as Football for the Fans and has over 7 million subscribers.

The page provides football content in humorous ways, with light-hearted banter and memes. It also provides content for those who love to watch street football to see exceptional soccer skills from ordinary people.

Although heavy on humor, this page provides informative and educational content for football lovers and is the page to follow for fans of the sport.

Soccer is a widely appreciated sport, and Instagram pages, which offer creative content around it, are becoming more saturated and popular. The listed pages offer content in innovative ways to get your Champions League picks while remaining factual and should be a fan’s go-to place for soccer news.

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