May 9, 2020

Betting From Mobile Devices – Tips and Ideas

The gambling industry is at its historic peak currently, with players from all over the world taking part in online betting via the websites. Apart from websites, betting can now be done from smartphones and other mobile devices as well. There are a number of reliable mobile betting apps that help bettors take part in live betting sessions. A lot of them offer sign-up bonuses as well as free trials. Mobile betting is undoubtedly one of the most convenient betting options and has redefined the face of the gambling industry.

Since mobile betting has enabled almost everyone to take part in betting sessions, it is only wise that the bettor keeps in mind a few tips and ideas before partaking in any such activity. Some of these have been listed below.

Tips and Ideas for Mobile Betting

Using Sign up Bonuses

Our first tip is using the sign-up bonuses provided by mobile betting apps. This will help you save some bucks in the beginning, especially when you are inexperienced. As a newbie who is just starting out to place bets via the mobile platform, it is always a good idea to play it safe since the risk of you losing the bet is higher than you winning it. This is because you have no idea how to place bets or what strategies to use for winning them. Additionally, it is very convenient to bet from a mobile device so make sure you use a mobile betting bonus when you sign up.

Perform background Research

Before you start betting, make sure you perform your background research. This is the homework that can only be done by you since it will inform you about the rules and format of the game you intend to place bets on. Secondly, it will help you in becoming familiar with the laws governing and the lingo of the sport. All of this will help you in placing informed bets and reduce your chances of losing money.

Trying Placing Different Kinds of Bets

The aim of mobile betting is to maximize the value you receive as a bettor out of the bets you place. Therefore, it is wise to not put all your eggs in one basket and diversify your risks. Put some of your money on pre-match bets and the rest on in-play bets. Just for a quick guide, pre-match bets are the ones you will be placed before a match or a sporting event starts. In-place bets, on the other hand, are the ones that are placed spontaneously as the match proceeds. They are placed live in between the sporting event. For example, a bettor might put an in-place bet on a cricket match while it is entering its lasts six overs to predict the outcome of the match.

Counter Checking Your Bets

Once you have decided to place bets on a sport, check the details you have entered. It is very likely for people placing bets via mobile to make blunders due to the touch system. Therefore, in order to be sure of the bets you are placing, just check the information you have entered before placing it finally.

Use More Than One Betting Apps

Since the main goal of you placing bets is to maximize the value out of your input, you can also try placing bets via different mobile betting apps. This will also expose you to the kind of exposure you need and things you need to know about when placing bets via different platforms. It will make you more knowledgeable about the odds being offered at various platforms and you will know which one best suits your style.

Avail Any Bonus Or Promotion Offers That Come Around

Keep an eye on any other bonus or promotional offer being offered by your mobile betting app and avail it. Do not let it go to waste. Betting is a highly addictive sport and it can make you lose all your hard-earned cash in a day. Therefore, to minimize the risk of losing your own money, it is better to avail of the offers being made by the mobile app.

Security and Precautions

Since bettors use mobile as a medium to place their bets, it is highly advised that they secure their device and betting apps with passwords. In an event where you lost access to your mobile and it gets in hands of someone who starts placing bets from your bank cards on your behalf, that would be a form of theft and you might end up losing money.

Therefore, it is wise that you safeguard your device trough various means of putting a password. You can use the pin, swipe, pattern; facial recognition device locking options or you can use a password to protect access to betting apps. Whichever options work best for you, choose that and secure your device.

Use A Trusted App

In the end, the most important tip is to select those mobile betting apps which have good ratings and reviews. Do not go for apps with fishy interfaces and reputation. There are many scammers out there and you would not want to be fooled into losing your hard-earned money like that. Therefore, only go mobile betting apps that are either trusted by many or are backed by a regulatory authority.


The past two years have seen a huge rise in mobile betting over desktop betting. This trend has led to increased sales of smartphones as well. Bettors of today prefer betting on sports events from the convenience of their homes, using personalized betting options in an app. This trend is only likely to increase in the coming years. Keeping this fact in mind, it is wise that one educates himself about tips and ideas on how to place successful bets via mobile apps. The strategies mentioned above have been outlined keeping in mind this trend and can be used to save oneself from potential loss.


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