September 23, 2017

Bill Gates Regrets And Comments On The Ctrl-Alt-Del Key- Bloomberg Forum

Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft admits that the Ctrl-Alt-Del feature for interrupting a function is an inconvenient maneuver at Bloomberg Global Business Forum on Wednesday.


He also said “Well, I’m not sure you can go back in life and change small things in your life without putting other things at risk. If I could make one small edit, I’d make that a single key”.

This isn’t the first time Gates has repented about the usage of three keys for force interrupting a function. In 2013 he blamed IBM for refusing to put a single key. At an event at Harvard University, he told “We could have had a single button. But the guy who did the IBM keyboard design didn’t want to give us our single button”.


Even today he blames IBM engineers by saying, “The IBM PC hardware keyboard only had one way that it could get a guaranteed interrupt generated. So, clearly, the people involved, they should have put another key on it to make that work. A lot of machines these days do have that as a more obvious function.”

Have you ever felt the same that there should be a single key instead of using Ctrl-Alt-Del? Do share your views in the comment section below.

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