February 10, 2023

Blacksmith guide in Dragonflight update for World of Warcraft

Starting from the end of November 2022, a major update for World of Warcraft called Dragonflight was added to the world of Azeroth.

New Dragon Islands have been added to the game world and the profession system has been significantly modified.

To get to the islands, you need to get level 60 and sail on a ship to the new island archipelago.

The level can be obtained in several ways:

  • Farming monsters for experience.
  • Passage of story quests, which are guaranteed to give the player a fixed experience.
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Having pumped and mastered new lands, you can quickly develop professions with the help of a table of orders and new materials.

Blacksmithing Basics

A blacksmith is a specialist in working with metals. He can craft armor, melee class weapons, and various utility tools.

The blacksmith also creates special grindstones – these are consumables that improve weapons for a limited period of time. The higher the skills of the blacksmith, the stronger this enhancement goes.

Main information on blacksmithing

Since the Dragonflight update, all professions have undergone a major overhaul.

Leveling has become easier and more understandable by improving the overall interface and working on simplifying all professions.

There was such a thing as specialization – the direction of the development of the profession, in order to divide the same specialists into narrower profiles and allow them to create truly unique equipment.

Now each profession has special characteristics that affect the cost of crafted items, their quality, and quantity.

Craft tools – new types of equipment that will improve the basic characteristics and improve the final result. Each profession cannot create all the tools on their own – some will have to be bought or ordered through the order table, but this works in two directions – representatives of other professions will order their tools from you.

The Order Table is an innovation that allows ordinary players to place orders for crafting items from artisans. To do this, you need to attach an inscription, indicate whose resources will be used, indicate the minimum level of the player who can take on the job, and the final reward for completing the order. As a result, the customer will receive his item, and the artisan will receive profession points.

Races for blacksmithing

Despite the fact that choosing a race exclusively for one piece of game content is not a rewarding task, there are two options that have a clear advantage in blacksmithing, unlike the rest.

Dark iron dwarves have a passive skill that increases the base stat of blacksmithing by 5 and grants 10% to the master’s work speed.

Lightforged Drenai also have their own 5 points increase in blacksmithing.

Blacksmithing characteristics

Now each profession has its own, special characteristics, which give an advantage when working in their profession for the master.

Mastery is a blacksmith’s primary stat that governs the likelihood of crafting an item at a much higher quality level than originally intended.

  • Overproduction – allows you to produce more items than originally planned.
  • Resourcefulness – allows you to get by with a much smaller number of items than was originally required for manufacturing.
  • Inspiration – significantly increases the chance to create an item of much higher quality, and affects the skill parameter.
  • Speed – speeds up the total work time at each stage of the production of items and tools.

The operation of any bonus is displayed in the general interface of the profession and is accompanied by a characteristic animation. Multiple bonuses can be triggered at the same time.

First of all, inspiration and resourcefulness are worth pumping, since they are responsible for saving resources and creating really rare and valuable equipment and weapons.

Blacksmithing equipment

Equipment, or tools, are needed to enhance the basic characteristics and improve the quality of work in their craft.

All tools are interconnected, and there are no representatives of the profession who could create everything they need for themselves. Some of the tools will have to be bought in addition if we are talking about green quality items, or ordered through the order table to increase the value and rarity.

The blacksmith will need:

Fireproof Apron – Increases inspiration, overproduction, and blacksmithing skills. Crafted by a leatherworker.

Kazgorite blacksmith’s kit – self-created and increases resourcefulness and crafting speed along with blacksmithing parameters.

Hammer of black dragons – created independently and increases the indicators of a random blacksmithing characteristic parameter, the overall level of skill, and gives an increase to the leveling of the profession if inspiration works during the production of items from the dragon island.

Orders for crafting items

Now you can upgrade your blacksmithing skills faster by simply completing orders from other players.

In the first couple, you will not have many orders available due to the low level of skill and the impossibility of manufacturing valuable items. But gradually, with the development of the profession, you will see more and more orders, and for completing each one you will be rewarded with the development of the blacksmithing skill.

The main thing is to carefully read the terms of the order so as not to waste your resources, or at least receive financial compensation for them.

Other artisans will also ask for your services to create the necessary tools for increasing characteristics, keep track of the order table at any convenient opportunity.

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