May 8, 2022

Boosting in World of Warcraft, what does it give a novice player – advantages and disadvantages

All online games, the gameplay of which is based on increasing the character’s rating, provide for a quick passage of the initial levels. To captivate the player, give him the opportunity to understand the mechanics, tactics, and strategy. However, the company is in the “sandbox” and the performance of simple tasks gets boring pretty quickly. And in order to join a strong clan and join various group quests, you need a fairly high level. Reaching this level can take several months of fairly intense play, and therefore a lot of time at the computer.

To reach intermediate levels, you must complete key Epiccarry and numerous side tasks. In addition, there are enough toxic players in online games, whose incorrect behavior significantly reduces the pleasure of the game process. Some players simply don’t have time for intermediate playthroughs but have a desire to fight at high levels and complete group missions. It was this situation that caused the appearance of an ambiguous phenomenon in the gaming industry – boosting, using third-party WoW boost service.

What is boosting?

Boosting in online games has several meanings:

  1. Helping a more experienced player to complete missions and get rewards for them that he could not get on his own. In WoW, this is expressed by going through dungeons with a group of newbies with a few veterans. As a result, beginners receive high-level weapons and equipment that they can use in PvE;
  2. The second option is for an experienced player to complete an epochal raid or obtain another achievement – weapons, vehicles, PvP rating, etc. As a rule, such a service is provided by members of one clan for in-game gold. However, experienced players can take orders “from outside” using the services of special resources – WoW boosting service. This method of boosting is not forgiven by developers in World of Warcraft, however, it does not cause any particular complaints or penalties;
  3. And the last, boosting, is a character upgrade for real money. In fact, this service is not illegal, however, according to many players and developers World of Warcraft, it harms the gameplay, depriving it of the meaning of getting achievements for your actions.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Boosting

Those who are actively involved in boosting, both customers and performers, have many arguments in defense of this gameplay:

Source of income – the usual game methods of accumulating gold provided by World of Warcraft are considered by many players to be too slow. Therefore, paying for services of a certain type becomes a fairly effective way to accumulate game money.

Goods – rich players who spend real money on developing their character can spend convertible game gold at their discretion. Including the purchase of various game values, weapons, and items. Therefore, their funds are not delayed in the accounts. In addition, they are fueling the company itself in World of Warcraft.

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