May 28, 2016

Bridging the gap between arranged marriage and love marriage – A DIY Matrimonial Network

When Saneesh Sukumaran saw his friends, cousins and even himself struggling through awkward arranged marriage meetings and scouring impersonal matrimonial networks, he thought of a Self Arranged matrimonial platform as an obvious solution. As destiny would have it, he found his partner well before the site was up and running.


Wedeterna is a new-age, personalised and fresh approach to arranged marriages where all profiles are self created. Wedeterna is meant for those who want to give traditional arranged marriages a shot without leaving it entirely to family and relatives. On Wedeterna you can hide personal details, email id and phone number, to be shared only upon user’s approval.

The main idea behind Wedeterna was to retain the goodness of traditional arranged marriages which is the involvement of parents, family values etc. At the same time to give singles a more interactive, fun and social platform to meet prospective singles. It was with the intention to adapt to changing times and changing mindset, that this Self – Arranged Matrimonial Network was conceptualized.

Sreejesh, who registered on the site recently says, “I was actually trying to find good sites where I can meet more people like me for matrimony and when I found your site, I liked it and created my profile. Like minded better half does kind of bonus in arranged marriages and for better understand in relationships. Self arranged marriages will help finding a better half with similar tastes”.

Wedeterna runs on the Do it yourself philosophy, which means it makes ample space for individualism. The first step towards this is that all the profiles on Wedeterna are self-created, not by parents. Which means you get to speak your mind and share your thoughts on everything from life to movies and scan through profiles of other likeminded singles? Its innovative profile features bring out personality and character traits, not just vital statistics. It encourages singles to speak their mind freely and open up. Making it easier for people to interact, share and connect.

“The idea that the profile is self-created certainly sounds great. It would mean that individuals are actively interested in getting married and that when you approach someone after reading their profile, the chances that they turn out to be similar to how they’ve described themselves are high” says Meeti Shroff Shah, author of Do you know any good boys? – A woman’s guide to the arranged marriage.

wedeterna womanboys on vedeterna

Wedeterna is not only for modern singles but also for next-gen parents who want an understanding partner for their child. It’s for those parents want their children to be more involved in the partner hunt. But that doesn’t mean parents are uninvolved in the process. The G.I.T feature lets parents play a key role if you want them to.

G.I.T lets you request for contact details of any user that you would like to get in touch with when you receive a G.I.T request; you could either share your details or completely ignore the request. If you do decide to share details, you could either directly share your contact or share your parents contact details first. This is purely a one-to-one interaction and any information shared is sent to email the address that is registered with our site.

That’s not all, before making any lasting commitments; you can use a feature called MBC. Wedeterna has tied up with an external agency to do the Matrimonial Background Check (MBC) for you. It’s a one-to-one process, which means, the details of the verification are made available just to you, on your request. MBC indirectly reduces fake profiles and suspicious characters from misusing our site. It also gives you the freedom to share information, update photos and be yourself, knowing that only genuine users get to see your profile. Making Wedeterna the safest and most secure matrimonial network to be on.

Joining Wedeterna is as easy as registering with your email or signing in with your Facebook or Google open id. They never post anything on your FB or Google page. And you don’t need to share your phone number or contact address to join the website. Even the UI which has gone through many iterations is easy and simple with no clutter like other matrimonial sites. Enough said. If you’re single and ready to explore, self-arrange your meeting with Wedeterna here.

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Imran Uddin

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