December 23, 2018

The 3 Business Advantages of a Konica Minolta Multi-functional Photocopier

Konica Minolta produce high-quality print technologies to all sorts of industries and have a global reputation for excellence. This year, they made history with their fourth consecutive win of the Multi-function Printer Line of the Year Award from the Buyer’s Lab.

After conducting rigorous, two-month trials, the manager of laboratory testing at Buyer’s Lab, Pete Emory, said that “The reliability Konica Minolta devices have consistently shown, from the low end to the high end, truly separates its line from others we have tested.

Businesses of any size can benefit from the host of printing, scanning, fax and copying features of a Konica Minolta multi-function printer, but beyond that, this award winning range offers exceptional functionality that really adds value and supports business operations.

Here are just three of the latest innovations available with the Konica Minolta Bizhub range:

Enhanced Eco-Performance

Businesses can enjoy the functionality of an MFP while being environmentally responsible and keeping operational costs down.

The Bizhub range features a variety of eco-friendly services which have earned them a Green Technology Energy Award.

The dynamic eco-timer minimises energy consumption by automatically analysing equipment use and adjusting the sleep-mode timings on a day and date basis to suit demand.

Furthermore, the print preview driver allows users to proof documents thoroughly before committing to print, while the ECO meter monitors consumption to reduce the unnecessary waste of consumables.

Remote Access

Business users can now enjoy all the features of a Konica Minolta MFP from anywhere in the world.

Remote access allows users to connect remotely via the Cloud with Google Apps and MS SharePoint connector based bEST technologies. This enhances efficiency by speeding up communication and supporting flexible working practices.

In addition, remote access can be extended to the fully customisable, touchscreen control panel.

This 9” screen is user-friendly, with tablet-style controls including drag and drop, pinch to size and document rotation operations, which can be accessed remotely to support users with a fast response to training and technical support needs.


As digital technologies transform the way organisations communicate with partners, employees and consumers, the need for comprehensive security has never been more important.

With a Konica Minolta MFP, confidentiality is assured by a number of fully certified ISO-15408 EAL3 security features.

A variety of authentication systems are available to suit the needs of any workplace, including ID cards, username and password access codes and even finger scans, which can be audited and monitored by management to ensure responsible use.

In addition, information stored on the internal hard drive is encrypted and password protected, which keeps sensitive information and intellectual property secure during internal production or external transmission.

The speed and accuracy of these digital technologies helps businesses of any size to maintain a competitive edge in any fast-paced industry, making the MFP from Konica Minolta a reliable, functional and cost-efficient asset to any workforce.

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