November 12, 2021

Buying jewelry for your big day? Read this

A wedding is the beginning of a new journey- a beginning everyone wants to remember forever. For a bride, this is the day to radiate happiness and exuberance. Needless to say, jewelry plays an important role in this.

Buying jewelry is often daunting and the most exhaustive task in wedding planning. First of all, finding the right design with the right size of the jewels is a task in itself. Then, it has to come under your budget too.

However, it becomes easier once you know where to look. At SH Jewellery you can find the best quality pieces of jewelry without any hassle. You can filter the ornaments by budget, design, and even by type.

There are different types of jewelry for different occasions. On your wedding day, you must choose the one that suits your style and personality. It’s normal to be anxious before going jewelry shopping. So, for your benefit, we have come up with four tips to keep in mind while buying jewelry-

Gems: –

Gemstones on your bridal garments will never be dated. The allure of gemstones on your jewelry, like the fidget ring, engagement ring, wedding ring, necklace, etc., is irresistible. So, if you’re going for gems on your wedding day, make sure to buy the lustrous ones like Burma Ruby, Emerald, or Peridot.

Avoid picking up lab-made stones. Albeit inexpensive, they lack the charm and color of the original ones. Besides, the appeal of a rare stone can never be matched by a lab-made one.

If you are going to buy diamonds, make sure to check their authenticity. There is an easy way to check that- 4Cs test of cut, color, clarity, and carat. If you want to be doubly sure, why not test on sandpaper or do a fog test.

Check for gold quality: –

While buying gold, instead of blindly going for the brand name, look for its craftsmanship. If there’s none, chances are you are overpaying.

Buy golds that have less amount of impurity, i.e., other metals. Carat marking is an essential factor in this regard. A carat marking denotes the amount of pure gold. Higher carat marking means a higher amount of gold in your jewelry.

Also, some people are allergic to certain metals, especially nickels, mixed with gold. So, before buying your gold necklace, ask your jeweler about its components. Otherwise, it might lead to skin irritation and blackening of the jewelry.

Mind the budget: –

There is a time for going overboard, and there is a time for being cautious. Swanky designs and carving on gold plated ornaments do make us go gaga over them – we get it. But that’s no reason to overspend on the first thing that catches your eye.

If you are buying online, compare prices with other websites and local jewelry stores. You can also exchange old gold for newer jewelry with trendy designs. Or better still, why not redesign the old one, which is both lighter on the pocket and easy on the eye?

Custom made jewelry: –

Statistics say Instagram influences 75% of user purchase decisions, and that applies to jewelry too. But, if you are not the one to go for anything and everything trendy, take a step further and go for custom-made jewelry. The reason is, bridal jewelry is not just about lavish designs. It is about your style too.

A common misconception is that custom-made jewelry is way too expensive. This is not true. Often, ready-made big earrings or long necklaces make you feel uncomfortable. The benefit of customized jewelry is you can decide how much gold to put on and the size and shape of your garments.

Now that you have a clear idea of what to look for and where to look, why not browse through the jewelry catalog online. That will give you a clear idea about the market price of your favorite piece. The hot deals are online, of course.

Also, You can talk to a professional jeweler to know what style of earrings or necklace will suit you. If you decide to go for custom-made jewelry, make sure to pick the right person. An experienced jeweler can craft the most intricate designs with skill and agility.

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