November 11, 2019

C++ Contribution Towards Mobile App Development

C++ is a ubiquitous programming language that has changed the coding and programming world with its reliable features. From faster coding to better performance than Java, C++ has emerged as the base language for all other promising language. It is said that C is the mother of all programming languages, and C++ is the more refined version of C.

Being a faster programming language, C++ makes it easier and efficient to develop complex and critical development projects as well. C++ remains closer to the hardware, unlike other prominent programming languages that only restricts its limit to the software. C++ is object-oriented and has rich library support that helps in accelerating the coding process.

The speed of C++ is something remarkable for a basic programming language. It is also equipped with pointer support that comes in most of all programming. Though C++ is a widely acclaimed programming language, the commands used in this language is quite challenging to get acquainted with. C++ getline is one such command that consumes a lot of time to learn.

C++ and Mobile Development

Mobile development has been made easier with C++. It’s faster coding, and better library support, mobile app development has become even easier with C++. It has all the supporting infrastructure that is required to design reliable mobile applications.

Android App Development 

A majority of Android applications widely use C++ language to make the apps efficient and reliable to run on mobile devices.

Below are the steps to develop an Android app with C++

  • Set up your IDE: Install and launch Android NDK. Select SDK Manager under Configure.
  • Create Project: Choose your project and get started with C++ commands. Right-click on the project and create a new file.
  • Complete the Field: Fill in all the fields in the wizard section.
  • Customize the Project: You can customize your project according to your need in the Customize C++ support section in the wizard.
  • Boot and Test App: Once all the steps are complete, it’s time to run the app on any virtual machine.

 iOS Application Development

Just like Android apps, C++ efficiently supports iOS mobile development, as well. C++ reliability has made the iOS app development quote easier and simpler for the developers.

Take a look at the below steps to create an iOS app with C++.

  • Use XCode: Create a new project on Xcode. From the iOS application tab, choose a single view application.
  • Add C++ Code: It’s time to add some C++ code and create a new file.
  • Drag and Improve: Feel free to customize your project from drag and drop menu from XCode.
  • Make it Intuitive: Make the app appealing and intuitive.
  • Project Setup: Once your project is created, save it, and boot the program.

C language is the most promising and reliable programming language of all time. It went through some reformations and emerged into C++, a more refined version making it potent enough to develop the most complex development project.

From websites to software, today, C++ is used in every coding dependent project. Mobile application development is largely dependent on C++ as it provides them with the required stability and efficiency to work on smart devices. Its rich library support, faster coding, and perks over Java have made C++ an ideal choice for developers to create mobile app development. Whether it is Android or iOS application, C++ makes it seamless and effortless for developers’ reliable mobile applications.

The above mentioned were some quick steps through which C++ can be used to develop Android and iOS applications. To get a complete guide for creating Android and iOS, you can seek assistance from online ap development courses or watch YouTube tutorials for better coverage.

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