March 1, 2020

4Chan Spoiler — Learn How to Spoiler on 4Chan

For those well-versed with Internet pop culture, you might have heard of a little site called 4Chan. It’s a simple image-based website where pretty much anybody can share or post pictures anonymously. 4Chan has been around for almost two decades. It was first launched in 2003 by an Englishman named Christopher Poole.

4Chan is among the most influential websites on the Internet — They’re known to be the birthplace of several famous Internet memes. The site has also been described as a hotbed of Internet subculture. It hosts boards dedicated to all sorts of topics, ranging from anime and video games to music, film, current events, fitness, sports, politics, etc.

As mentioned, 4Chan doesn’t require users to register so that anybody can post anonymously. The site receives over 27 million visitors each month. 4Chan has also been the subject of media attention and has faced several controversies since its launch. British newspaper The Guardian describes the site as brilliant, juvenile, alarming, ridiculous, and lunatic.

4chan spoiler

Despite this, 4Chan also has a feature known as “spoilers”. This is where a user can attempt to spoil certain important moments in movies, video games, and books.

Naturally, if you end up reading one of these spoilers – Especially if it involves a TV show, book, or movie that you’re looking forward to viewing – You’ll get disappointed, as this kills the excitement. This is why it’s important to use black text for the spoiler during discussions to make them unreadable.

If you want to discuss something that happened in a movie or show you’ve seen without ruining a fellow fan’s day, then you need to do the following steps on how to create 4Chan spoilers:

How to Use Black Text on 4Chan for Spoilers

  • First, open your Web browser and visit the official 4Chan website;
  • Going from the Board’s Listing area, choose the board you want to visit. There are hundreds of boards on 4Chan;
  • On any picture or comment that shows up on the message board, click “Reply”;
  • Enter the required details, such as your name (It doesn’t have to be your real name), email, and Subject in the provided field;
  • Open up the spoiler tag found on the comment section by typing [SPOILER];
  • Type the words or phrases that you want to hide. This will automatically show up as black text on a black background after posting;
  • To close the spoiler tag, type [/SPOILER]; and
  • Once you’re done, click “Submit” to submit the post to the board.

4chan spoiler 2

Marked spoilers on 4Chan will be hidden by black text, and this is placed on a black background. If you’ve seen the movie or book and aren’t too worried about spoilers anymore (or if you’re just feeling nosy), then you can see and read the hidden black text by highlighting it. This is how you can look (or avoid) spoilers on the website, and find the surprise yourself.

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