July 12, 2022

Can Bitcoin’s Price Ever be Stable?

Bitcoin has always been bad for having issues like volatility in the market. The currency has remained the first digital money in the market, and it has been 13 years since its presence. Despite so long, we have seen the currency’s market cap increasing considerably. Its market cap is now crossing one trillion USD, which is enormous. You can compare it with the massive industry market. It is an exciting topic to explore, and sites like Crypto Engine can help you trade in bitcoins. However, it brings back a pertinent question, will Bitcoin ever become stable? Experts feel that unless the market cap of Bitcoin grows into another set of trillion money, it will not become stable in the market. We will discuss this moot issue in this article, while the above site has much more to offer if you visit it.

Will you ever see Bitcoin becoming Stable?

Before we find out the answer to this question, you need to know why Bitcoin fluctuates in the market. Although Bitcoin has gained a good market buzz and the market cap has also gone up, the stability issue remains a big question. The market cap should grow more to make it stable and stay away from becoming stable in the market. Experts feel that the volatility issue is only due to the low market cap of the coin. Once it brings more liquid to the Bitcoin market, it will not become stable. If you look at the question about converting your crypto or Bitcoin into fiat money or procuring andy products or services, you will make the difference in the market. As everyone is dealing with traditional money, you often have to liquidate your cash without even bothering about the price in the market. Also, there is a constant growth in the market, and many people are now working with merchants or services ready to accept Bitcoin. You already know that most central banks have stringent rules and regulations against using crypto in the market. Hence it has become difficult for many to use the crypto and even buy or sell Bitcoin. It only gives an idea of providing a lesser market cap that can reduce liquidity for BTC compared to fiat currencies.


If you want to understand this condition, using one analogy will significantly help you. What will happen if you see a fat man taking a jump over a small pool? As he jumps in the pool, he will allow a large amount of water outside the swimming pool. As a result, his body will displace water, thus decreasing the water level in the pool. Now, if you have the same man jumping in bigger water bodies like a sea, river, or lake, there is barely any difference. In a nutshell, the vast amount of water in the river will not affect the water level. Therefore, his fat body will have no significance in the market. If you check this analogy of the fat man, it is the investor, and the water in the river is Bitcoin. However, we see BTC still in a small pool and is yet to reach the river. Once you see anyone entering or leaving the market, you can see some impact on the price. However, once you see Bitcoin becoming a river, lake, or ocean, the price will stabilize, and no one will notice the same in the market.

The Bitcoin Future

We have sene making Bitcoin a popular currency in the nations in Africa. We see the traditional money in countries like Zimbabwe and Venezuela creating a good buzz around it. You can see many more systems failing, and analysts are now banning the national financial system as they can see the coin crumbling in the market. It has emerged as the most significant opportunity for cryptos like Bitcoin, which seemed to have gained good mass trust, liquidity, and adoption in the market. If you find Bitcoin gaining good liquidity, there is less fluctuation in the cost, and also, Bitcoin market price is earning 60 B USD in the market that has created a good and stable market in the world currency. It has gained a good measure giving you a good usage of the dominant government-based money. The price is now going high, but it will take time to stabilize Bitcoin.

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