August 19, 2023

Can I Save Money On My SEO By Using AI? Is It ‘There’ Yet?

Artificial intelligence has been very disruptive in recent months, changing how people do business and creating a whole other level of competition in the creative world. The question is, can you save money on your SEO by using AI? Is it ‘there’ yet? Read on, and we’ll tell you everything you need to know…

What is AI?

AI (or artificial intelligence) refers to digital, computer-based intelligence—software designed to complete a certain set of tasks, often with machine learning capabilities.

In the marketing world, many AI tools are on the rise, some of which compose written content, while others can create complex imagery.

What role does AI play in SEO?

AI’s role in SEO is ever-evolving, and the full extent to which it will impact the industry has yet to be determined. If the speed at which it is growing is anything to go by, however, it will certainly look very different over the next decade.

Today, many marketers are using AI for the following tasks:

  • Analyzing patterns in data.
  • Conducting topic research.
  • Generating blog titles.
  • Producing content.
  • Building websites.
  • And more…

Is AI ‘there’ yet?

So, is AI ‘there’ yet? And by ‘there,’ we mean: at a level of competency that will enable small business owners to perfect their marketing efforts with minimal input.

The answer is no.

As it stands, AI is only as good as the person guiding it. Unless you are a competent marketer with extensive knowledge of the industry and how AI prompts work, the results can be incredibly disappointing.

Certainly, to an unskilled writer, being able to generate lots of content using the likes of ChatGPT is incredibly exciting. However, as to the quality of the writing…it leaves much to be desired.

Can I save money on my SEO by using AI?

To answer the question: “Can I save money on my SEO by using AI?” the answer is yes…technically speaking. You can ditch your SEO agency if you want to and try to pick up the pieces yourself. It will save you on your monthly SEO spend. However, achieving game-changing results and sustaining a return on your investment is a different story entirely…

The reality is AI cannot do all of the work for you. You still need to be able to strategize your SEO campaign, conduct keyword research, optimize your website accordingly, prompt your content creation tools well, edit and proofread the content, and so much more.

There’s a misconception that using AI is easy. It isn’t. Yes, it can save you time, but you need the expertise to utilize it well and improve your SEO content strategy.

Conclusion: AI doesn’t make you an SEO expert

It will be long before you can type a quick and easy command into an AI tool and say: “Hey, do all of my SEO for me.”

So, if you have been tempted to chop in your SEO and use AI instead, you may need to do some extra research – because you’ll be disappointed if you think it will mean saving money and getting world-class results.

Our advice? Let the SEO specialists in Dallas take care of your online marketing requirements. If you choose a reputable and well-established SEO agency, you’ll earn a sustainable ROI, and the investment will justify itself.

The alternative of going it alone and using AI will create far more work for you than you might imagine.

About the author 

Elle Gellrich

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