How we Drove over 8 Million Pageviews to All India Youth in the month of May – Case Study


Its been around two months I started the company All Tech Media and it has been growing exponentially month by month. At All Tech Media we were not only working on some good seo projects but also building our own products. One of our main sites is All India Youth. We started All India Youth 5 months back with the goal to target Indian youth.


The Start of All India Youth:

Firstly we started with the Blogger platform. It was on platform for about two months. However blogger didn’t satisfy our needs. As it is a multi authored blog many authors used to write articles and post content. To make this happen and monitor it without any difficulty the best option we found was to migrate to wordpress and hosted in on Digital Ocean.

Site Growth in the months of January to April:

The first two months we were completely dependent on Social Media and not many members from our team worked on it. Main role was played by article writers and social media marketers. We were getting reasonably good traffic but again it was not that great. Also the traffic which we drive from Facebook was not actually doing well with Google Adsense which was one of the primary sources of income.

Facebook Algorithm Hit:

In the months of March and April facebook rolled out many different algorithm because of which the page reach was completely down. This was an adverse effect and we were no more getting enough traffic from Social Media. This is where the SEO team came into action.

How SEO improved the Traffic of All India Youth:

Whole SEO team of All Tech Media started working on All India Youth. In the first week itself the traffic was improved by 100%. Then we started writing articles with high searches. Especially articles related to Education, Jobs and Movie Reviews were of high attention. We consistently started posting at least 10 articles per day.

How we improved the search traffic:

1. Consistency:

Consistency is one of the very important factor if you want to improve your blog rankings in search specially for a news based site. Most of the news based sites just keep on posting consistently hundreds of articles per week without much off page optimization which included link building. If you are consistently posting high quality articles then you should definitely expect improvements in your search rankings without much link building.

2. Proper Selection of Keywords:

We have chosen keywords very wisely. When you are posting large number of articles per day you forget about keyword research. But keyword research and keyword optimization is one of the most important factor. Very highly search keywords with low competition were given high priority.

3. Publishing Trending Topics:

Once a blog gets good authority its the right time to publish the trending topics. We started posting articles related to Results, movie reviews, box office collections etc. Trending topics used to drive us massive real time visitors in just few days.

4. Proper Link Building Strategy:

As I said we didn’t do much of link building, however we built few directory links to the homepage and also during some special events we had to go with mild link building for the internal pages as well.


After all the hard work we obviously expected good results but the outcome was not only good, but was outstanding. We experienced the highest pageviews in a month on All India Youth, in the month of May. You can check below screenshots of the same.


This traffic has shown a great impact on the Adsense earnings and Alexa Ranking is also improving day to day. The current Alexa Rank is 14,000 globally and around 500 in India.

Final Words:

I really appreciate all the members of All Tech Media team for their outstanding work which they have been showing up since its inception.

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Subodh Kumar Sharma

Really, This is a great work Imran Bro.
This is really an amazing case study.

Neeraj Mishra

You are doing really great job. I have read your event based blog guide and started my work in this field. I am hoping to get positive results.

Thanks for sharing such informative articles.


Wow Great All Tech Media Team all the best.

NICE job Imran, that is really good post, good job!!


its looks great, want to know something that will you provide this type strategy or secret strategy that you didnt reveal yet in your seo plans


“Proper Link Building Strategy” can you explain it further ?


Nice case study bro. This is the third Case study of ATB and we are learning a lot from all this case study. Thanks for your case study.
All The Best


Nice work bro, you guys making blogging a Great brand

Hardwork with Right tactics leads to success 🙂 This case study of AllIndiaYouth is the best example for it. Congrats Imran.


You stated right Consistency and choosing the keywords rightly are the basics for getting high rankings and making your site an authority… Imran and Vinay you both have always been great inspiration for me.. keep up the good work.. God bless you.. Cheers


wow Imran, you guy did a great job and to be sincere with you, I learn alot and gain inspiration from it. Hope to be able to push my own site to that level.

Have a nice weekend.

Awesome buddy…..
Great Teamwork


Amazing case study.these types of cases study help a lot in learning new things.


Great Work… Keep it up.

This is another waste

May I know your problem please?

Don’t be please i will tell , the problem is your blog content , you are just doing miscellaneous ramblings of dot com mogul which is not good

Peaceful advice , write for reader’s not for search engine , help in solving problem


Great work ATM. Once Again you people Proved………………………….

amit sihan

hi dear

such a great article for the Indian youth. its more useful for me and many newbie blogger.this post is very close my to heart because i am daily visitor of your blog. these days i am getting more knowledge from here to improve my blog. dear please update your blog with more new article i am waiting for. but can you tell me how i can submit my site in web directories.

thanks for inspired me

Umar Ashfaq

This is very helpfull and helpful case study for me thanx

Thank you for sharing your strategy with us.I would love to implement this on my blog.thanks once again sir.


You are awesome man.
This is too much…
i will also do like this to get better ranking of my blog.
Thanks for share

All I can say “Wow”. A commendable job from your side. Kudos !


Great work ATM Team.

Thanks for sharing the search traffic tricks. I was doing only on page optimization of my blog now after reading your case study i will start now off page optimization also. Thanks once again!

afreen sharam

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is there any trick to get fake adsense click…

Its really a nice and informative post. i really loved to read. Thanks for sharing this excellent post with us.

This will be a startup to me for my website


I just started my carrier in blog field ,,,, i want to join good team to learning purpose


awesome great work boss…. thanks for sharing such useful ideas.. it helps us alot…


This is not a small Visiting. but i will try to do get like this visiting.

Imran you have amazing quality i want to meet you once i my life

Lakkol Mahendra

Hats off to All Tech Media. Its again proved that All Tech Media can do wonders.

Pallab Kayal

Hey Imran, first of all thanks for sharing this awesome post with us. I’ve been searching this type of guide over a month and finally today you full fill it with your awesome post.

once again thanks for sharing. Keep writing.

Sirosh Nasir

This is unbelievable. Please share the tricks how you did this? Thanks

mzz dharmie

wow….. nice techniques


nice information imran

Minakshi Srivastava

Hello Imran Sir,

Thank you for these awesome tips! I have just started my blog and I know these tips will be really helpful in the initial stages of my blogging career.

Minakshi Srivastava

Divyansh Peswani

Hello Imran Sir

Though it is not something to be mentioned, but this case study is something out of the world. I am really really impressed with the hard work and consistency of the All Tech Media members. Hope I could also join the brand and deliver what I love to do!



Love to read your’re an inspiration Imran bro.

Bibek Bohidar


Nice work bro.. Keep it up & thanks for sharing such a useful information 🙂

Hey Imran, first of all thanks for sharing this awesome post with us. Thank you for these awesome tips! I have just started my blog and I know these tips will be really helpful in the initial stages of my blogging career.

I always like people like you bro….who takes initiative and stands on their feet…and starts an experiment…you took it as a challenge…thanks for helping other like u …

Raj Groups

nice information

I just want to say I am doing everything that you mentioned over here. Still not getting much visitors. Am I missing something?


Really nice post and good works he has done I appreciate this

B Santhosh Reddy

Nice post

Never seen this type of Graph…….wow

nice case study.very informatic article bro.


dam very much impressive bro..

Great experience and grothful. Thankx a lot guys.

your sites is very nice.
plz add subscribe by email gadget into your site


You are doing awesome Imran Uddin, i also will follow your footsteps now on.
Thanks for sharing your cool experience.

very useful post………………………….

This is very helpful and helpful case study for me Thank You…..