January 20, 2018

Google’s Arts & Culture App With Selfie Match Feature Goes Viral

From Facebook to Twitter, all my social media feed are flooded with selfies next to the famous artwork. This is all because of the new update Google has given to its Arts & Culture App. This App has a feature to compare your face to the famous artwork. Google’s Arts & Culture App turns 1 year old and was originally created for the users to admire the famous works of art.

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Want to know how this viral application exactly works? All you have to do is download the app by visiting Google Play or App store on your Android or iOS devices. Its free and easy to find in Apple’s App Store or Google’s Play store.

This app has been designed for a collection of different artworks and is not just dedicated to the face matching feature. So after downloading the app,  open it and start scrolling down the main feed until you see “Is your portrait in a museum” section. After  Tapping on Get Started button, the app will ask for camera permissions in order to allow the selfies.

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Notably, in order to match the selfie with the museum portraits, the photo taken will be sent to its various servers to find comparable artworks. The photo taken will not be used for any other purpose and will only store the photo for a limited time until it finds the match.

This new feature confides on computer vision technology to compare the picture with actual museum portraits. For this, Google has tied up with museums all over the world. Once the selfie is taken, it takes a couple of seconds for the match to appear. The app displays the percentage of the match for the selfie and the portrait. As of now, this feature is only confined to “parts of the US”.

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With its increasing popularity, I guess it will be soon made available to other parts of the world as well.

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