May 22, 2020

Casino Games with the Best Odds

Casino games have been popular for generations, and we all choose to play particular casino games for different reasons. Some of us love the thrill of watching the reels spin on a slot machine and some love the skill involved in taking down an opponent in a poker game.

Deciding which game to play generally comes down to personal preference, however; when it comes to winning a jackpot, not all games are created equal. Some games have better odds than others, and if you’re in it to win it, you might need to go with your head rather than your heart. In this article, we’re going to give you the low down on the games that offer you the best chance of walking away from a winner.

Once you’ve chosen a game that tickles your fancy, you’ll need to find a casino that doesn’t make it even harder to win by increasing the house edge – all casinos have a house edge, but you can find a good one that doesn’t make it impossible to win. Check out a list of recommended Indian online casinos at a review site like, and look for a low house edge and a generous bonus to get you started.


Blackjack offers an approximately 49% chance of winning. Blackjack is a particularly good game for beginners because it’s an easy game to get the hang of, and it requires more luck than skill. The aim of the game is to have your cards add up to the value of 21. You’ll be dealt with 2 cards, to begin with and you can keep adding to your hand in order to reach 21.

If you go over 21, however, you’ll be out of the game. Once you’ve learned the rules, you can jump straight into a game without feeling intimidated by other players because your only opponent is the dealer. The dealer has a marginally better chance of winning thanks to the experience of knowing when to hit and when to stick, but the luck factor evens things out.


Craps may seem like an odd choice due to the fact that this is a game that really is luck-based and requires no skill whatsoever. Craps is essentially a guessing game – will the shooter roll a 7 or an eleven, or will the shooter hit a specific number before they get a 7. Betting on a specific number lowers your odds somewhat, so it’s best to bet on whether or not the shooter will hit the 7 – this gives you a 50% chance of winning.


Roulette is similar to craps in that your odds depend on the type of bet that you make. If you stick to betting on red or black, or odds or evens, your odds are 50/50. However, if you decide to get creative and bet on specific numbers, or lines of numbers, your odds drop significantly. If you are going to bet outside of the 50/50 range of bets, you should keep in mind that American roulette has a higher house edge than European or French roulette. This is because American tables have an extra pocket.


If you’re feeling brave, then poker is another game worth playing. If you’re a skilled player, then your chances of winning increase dramatically. However, if you’re a beginner, your odds won’t be quite so good – in fact, your chances of winning become fairly minimal. Poker players don’t just rely on the cards that they’re dealt in order to win.

Bluffing, and recognizing a bluff, is a huge part of the process, as is knowing when to fold and bow out gracefully. Poker is a fun game, full of excitement and palpable tension, but it is not a game for the faint-hearted. If you’re going to give it a go, we recommend playing a good few friendly games with your friends before joining a poker table at a casino.


Slot games don’t fare very well when it comes to games with the best odds. If you’re determined to play slots, there are a couple of factors that will help you improve your chances of winning big. Look for games with an RTP rate of 96% or higher and be prepared to spend quite a lot of money. If you’ve got the budget to pump money into a slot game, the reward could be a life-changing jackpot.

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