September 23, 2022

Celebrate your BFF with a friendship charm bracelet

Women know that men can come and go, but friendship is forever. So why don’t you celebrate your BFF with an amazing friendship charm bracelet? It’s the ultimate gift to show appreciation, love, and care for loved ones. A token of your affection that they can always carry with them.

And with a cool, pretty style, too! So here are some ideas to create the best friendship charm bracelet for your girls.

A friendship charm bracelet that spells it out

Whether you pick a gold, a silver, or a rose base, you can express your friendship with a curated mix of letters and symbols tiles. You can write down your initials, names, and motto: because every friend group has a catchphrase!

Another tip is to use numbers to compose an essential date in your friendship, a sweet reminder of a cherished time. Add a “forever” tile to make it even more special.

Friendship charm bracelets that match

Friendship charm bracelets, but make it double!

You can get a pair of matching bracelets that complete one another to express that your BFF is your real soul mate. Many brands offer cute tiles with two parts of the same message, like “Be Fri” and “St Ends,” that, put together, make out the whole phrase. It’s unique and perfect for an Instagram pic. You can also use two little arrows, two halves of a heart, or whichever design you can split.

This is perfect for a more minimal look because you can only use a few charms to get your friendship message and maintain the slickness of the base.

A friendship charm bracelet for the whole squad

More than a duo? With friendship charm bracelets, this is not a problem. You can get them even for a three BFF group.

The spelling method is a valid alternative for a three people squad since you can easily fit all the initials in just one bracelet. But if you want something more quirky, you can choose from three design pieces. Many brands now include three pieces charms, from cute tiles with three girls to sweet messages such as “soul sisters.” You can select yours according to your preferences; simply consider that the important thing is that you can divide the message into three parts, so each friend gets one! Make sure to get it balanced as well.

Friendship charm bracelet with a story

Do you want your friendship charm bracelet to be even more personal?

Then create your own! The wide range of charms and tiles allows you to compose your bracelet with symbols, signs, and icons so you can tell the story of your friendship. If you and your BFF are both avid readers, you can put a book charm if you met in the summer, you can put a sun tile if your first trip together was to Paris you could include the tour of the Eiffel.

Narrate your friendship with cute charms and let your bestie create yours.

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