March 13, 2019

How to Check if an Image is Photoshopped or Not ?

Now a days every one used Photoshop or any other photo editing software like Gimp, etc. to change any image into new look. In Internet we have seen so many images which are morphed and some photographs are looks like original but we can’t decide our self by viewing the images. We can find some images directly by viewing but few images have no difference to our eyes. In this time we need to take support of online tools which have capability of finding the image is changed or not?

Here we review two online tools which works perfectly to detect morphing images and photoshopped images which looks like real to our eyes.


Fotoforensics is a unique web service which provide exact information about morphed and photoshopped images. This website has some sort of algorithms to detect whether image is photoshopped or not. This website provides 4 types of information which helps you to find the image is morphed or not.

They are

  • ELA
  • JPEG%
  • Meta Data
  • Original

How to Check Image is Photoshopped or not using Fotoforensics:

1. First Open fotoforensics website from the below link and upload desired image which one you want to check the originality.

Fotoforensics website

2. After uploading the image it will show two images, one is original image and another one is analyzed image.

upload pictures on fotoforensics

3. Now you can check ELA of that image and find whether it is photoshopped or not.


ELA means error level analysis, it helps us to detect the image was photoshopped or not by showing error level on image. If the image is edited or morphed then it shows some color in image analysis. If the image doesn’t change using any software then it shows normal white color on the image.

ela on fotoforensics


You can also detect the image morphing ratio using this Jpeg%. It shows the quality of image when it was last saved. If the quality will be decreases then it would be definitely modified using software. Here you can see the image which have 90% quality.

jpeg quality test on fotoforensics

Meta Data:

Most of the computer users know about how to remove Meta data from photographs. But still some kind of information is available in this Meta data section. It displays available information about that photograph like when it was created, when it was modified and which camera is used to take that photograph.


This original section shows the original version of that image uploaded by you on this website.

 Image Edited?

This is another awesome online tool to check the image is photoshopped or not. By using this web service you can find image is changed with photo editing software or not. Unlike Fotoforensics tool this service provide straight answers to users who upload image and this is easily understandable to everyone. For example if you upload fully photoshopped image then it shows a message like “Yes” and give the full details about that photograph. It also mention the software which one they used to modify the image.

How to Check an Image is Edited or Not?

1. First open Image edited website from the below link and upload an image which one you want to check.

ImageEditied? Website

2. After that it takes few seconds of time to retrieve all information about that image. If you want to get exif information then click on “Show Exif information”.

find morphed image on imageedited

By using this web service not only check whether image is edited or not but also reveal some other important information like meta data of image, exif data of image. There is one unique feature is available in this application that is you can find whether it is taken from Facebook or not. If you upload images which are downloaded from Facebook then it shows a message like “Photo has been taken from Facebook” and also give detailed information about that photograph like which software is used to edit this photograph.

image edited website detects facebook photos

How these Online Tools are working?

In these above two tools first one fotoforensics works with some sort of algorithms like error level analysis, jpg% etc. and another tool photo edited? Gathers data from Meta and exif data. If it can’t get any Meta or exif data from the photograph then it shows a message like can’t tell.

These two tools are working perfectly to find out whether image is photoshopped or not but these are not enough to judge photographs because most of the users delete Meta data. So try these tools to find out some kind of information about modified photographs.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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