July 31, 2016

Check Your Mobile Internet Speed With TRAI’s New App “MySpeed”

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has launched a new mobile application called ‘MySpeed (TRAI)’ that would enable the customers to measure the real-time speed of their mobile internet and send results directly to the authority.

Check Your Mobile Internet Speed With TRAI's New App “MySpeed” (4)

The ‘TRAI MySpeed app‘, currently available for Android, would also provide information on coverage, network and data speed along with device and location of the customer. The data is then sent to TRAI Analytics Portal. TRAI, however, clarifies that none of the data acquired is personal in nature and all the results are reported anonymously.

“This application allows you to measure your data speed experience and sends the results to TRAI. The application captures and sends coverage, data speed and other network information along with device and location of the tests. The app does not send any personal user information. All results are reported anonymously. While this application gives TRAI details of your data experience, sending a report to TRAI does not constitute a complaint. In case of poor experience, users are requested to register a complaint with their network service providers.”

The app is compatible with smartphones running on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean and above and is available to download at no cost. iOS users will have to wait a little while before TRAI announces a launch on the app store. This free app can test speeds of both WiFi and cellular connections.


Earlier this year, the Telecom Regulatory company has released its recommendation for the minimum network internet speed and this mobile application will be providing the support to get its facts in place. Also, a host of other initiatives will get covered through this app and provide TRAI with enough data for further action.

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