August 2, 2021

Common Causes of the ‘App Not Installed’ Error and How to Fix It

These days, it’s nearly impossible to find someone who doesn’t own a smartphone. These handy devices are owned by most people from all walks of life, from small kids to seniors. Given how technology continues to advance and the increase in users, more and more issues and errors have also been popping up. One of these errors, known as the ‘App Not Installed’ error, is more common than you think. Have you ever experienced a time when you want to use a certain app, but when you try to install it, you’re faced with the App Not Installed error?

If so, you’re definitely in the right place. In this article, we’ll list down some of the most common reasons why this error shows up, along with troubleshooting steps you can follow to try and fix it.

An Overview of the ‘App Not Installed’ Error

As you may or may not know, the Google Play Store is full of restrictions that deny you access to certain apps, depending on what kind of smartphone you’re using and how much memory you have left, among other factors. When this happens, there are times when you try to look for an alternative way to get your hands on these apps, such as downloading APK files through your web browser—this is typically when the error appears. That being said, there’s still a chance that this error will appear even when you’re downloading from Google Play itself, although it’s not as rampant.

What Are the Main Causes of This Error?

It’s very important to know and understand why this error is appearing for you. Listed below are some of the most common (and possible) causes. Once you know what’s causing the issue, it will be very easy for you to fix it.

Insufficient Storage

If your phone or tablet doesn’t have enough storage for the app you want to download, you may end up getting the App Not Installed error because your device won’t be able to finish installing the app successfully. Each app contains a variety of important files, and all of them needed to be installed into your device for the app to work properly. If you don’t have enough storage, this means some of these files will be missing, causing the app to crash.

Inconsistent App Version

There’s a chance that if you end up downloading an application version that isn’t compatible with your device, you’ll end up seeing the App Not Installed error. Even if you download the app outside of Google Play, as long as the app versions are inconsistent, it’s likely that you won’t be able to install the app successfully.

Permissions Not Sufficient

If you didn’t give your device permission to download and install files from certain sources, you may end up seeing the App Not Installed error. In this situation, an error dialogue box will be triggered, informing you that permissions are not sufficient.

Application File Is Corrupted

If the file you’ve downloaded has been corrupted, you’ll definitely be met with the App Not Installed error. This typically happens when you download apps or files from other sources that aren’t trustworthy. As such, before you dive in and start downloading whatever you want from sources outside of Google Play, make sure that the site is reliable.

How to Fix This Error

Now that you know why you’re possibly seeing this error, here are different ways you can try and remedy the issue.

Don’t Install From Sources Outside of Google Play

As mentioned, you’ll be met with errors and issues if you download from untrustworthy websites. Downloading from Google Play is reliable because it has been ensured that the apps can be trusted before it’s listed on the app marketplace. So if you end up downloading files from other sites, make sure it’s also reliable because you might end up installing corrupted or contaminated files.

Reboot Your Device

Another simple fix you can try is to restart your device. There are issues that a simple reboot can fix, and you’ll be surprised to find that the error has already been remedied after restarting.

Change Your Permissions

As previously mentioned, it’s possible that you’re seeing the App Not Installed error due to insufficient permissions. In that case, you have to change up some settings on your device to ensure that you can successfully download and install apps through these other sources. To do so, follow the steps below:

1. Head over to your phone’s Settings and tap Applications/Apps.

2. Tap on the menu represented by three dots. Select Reset app preferences to reset any changes you’ve made that possibly caused the error to appear.

3. Confirm your decision to save the changes.

If the error was because of limited permissions, rest assured that you won’t be seeing it anymore after following those steps.

Delete Apps and Files You Don’t Need

Lastly, you can fix the error by deleting files and apps that you no longer use nor need. This will definitely help you out, especially if the error is due to insufficient storage. Once you have enough space on your device, the app you want to download should install successfully.


There you have it, folks! If you badly want to download an app but you’re seeing the App Not Installed error, feel free to refer back to these different troubleshooting steps. And if none of them work, try restarting your phone! Rebooting your device works wonders.

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