June 17, 2020

Common Mistakes on Facebook Posts that you didn’t Know

Posting regularly on your Facebook page means that you sometimes make mistakes. There are so many factors that you need to consider to have success on this platform, that it’s easy to overlook some of them. Nevertheless, the majority of these mistakes are easily avoidable. In this article, we are explaining what mistakes you make while posting without knowing it. No matter how frequently you post though, you need to remember to buy Facebook page likes to showcase your page’s potential.

#1 Not Posting Enough Videos

If you are wondering what type of content gets the most attention on Facebook, you should know that it’s content in video format. If you take a tour of Facebook Watch, you can browse all the viral videos on the platform. There are cooking videos, travel videos, compilations, and how-to tutorials. When users have free time, they prefer to watch a video, rather than read an article. Therefore, your priority is to create more video content for your page. Of course, you must first buy Facebook page likes so that your page becomes visible to more users.

#2 Not Doing Facebook Lives

Facebook lives have two main advantages. First of all, they are in a video format that users have a preference for. Second, they bring you closer to your audience. By doing a live stream, you can communicate with your followers in real-time. This enables you to engage them in a conversation and start bonding your community. Encourage your users to ask you questions and also ask for their opinions. When a page has a high engagement rate, it is more possible to get more new followers.

#3 Not Adding Questions on your Posts

The engagement of your page can also be boosted by the captions you write. Of course, you want to promote your page but you also need to make your users feel valued. If you ask for their opinion and their habits, you show them that you care about their preferences. Another great idea is to occasionally post polls about your upcoming content. Through the answers, you will understand what your audience wants to see more about.

#4 Not Adding Clear Call to Actions

Another thing that you might forget to include in your actions is a call to action. Every time you post something, you should encourage your users to do something. Maybe you would like them to share the image with your friends, or leave a comment about the video. Maybe you want them to like your page so that they don’t miss any future posts. No matter your objective, never neglect to write it. Many users need this simple push to act. Moreover, it is important to buy Facebook page likes if you want to convince users to like your page.

These four mistakes are extremely common, and now you know how to avoid them. The only things you need to do is buy Facebook page likes and promote your page in groups and the rest of social media.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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