February 24, 2021

Steps to Take if You are Hurt in an Uber Accident

Have you ever driven for Uber? Even if you have not, it’s likely that you or someone you know has taken an Uber ride. In fact, many of us rely on Uber for safe, reliable transportation after a long night out.

If you’ve ever taken an Uber ride, you may have wondered whether you are properly compensated in the event of an accident. Rest assured, the safety of Uber passengers has now become a top priority.

While Uber has become a more and more safe choice, it is still essential you know what steps to take should there be an accident.

What Now? Steps to Take if You are Hurt in an Uber Accident

If you have had the misfortune of being in an accident while using Uber, here are what steps you should take to ensure you get the kind of compensation you deserve.

  • Don’t wait on anyone else. Report the accident on 911 and take photos of the wreck, all vehicles involved, and their license.
  • Find any potential witnesses to the crash and jot down their names, phone numbers, and email addresses.
  • Be sure and record the name of your Uber driver and the other driver.
  • Use your phone to take screenshots of your Uber ride and receipt.
  • Contact a reliable personal injury attorney to handle your claims. If the accident involved a truck, trucking accident attorneys are best qualified to handle your case.

What About a Settlement with Uber?

Uber understands accidents happen, and that is why the company carries enormous insurance policies to ensure Uber accident claims are paid out. Over the past few years, pedestrians, bicyclists, passengers, other motorists, and many others have been awarded Uber accident settlement amounts that recompensed them for all their medical care and other damages caused by an accident that involved a negligent Uber driver, or a negligent motorist that hit their Uber.

How Much to Expect from a Settlement

Just as in every personal injury settlement, the amount granted in an Uber accident settlement depends on the individual circumstances of your case. The most crucial factors to consider when determining what settlement to expect are:

Who is at Fault?

As a ride-share passenger, you are almost undoubtedly not at fault for instigating the Uber accident. However, you still have the legal obligation to prove of someone else, to legally hold them liable for your injuries.

If your Uber driver, for example, was negligent, then their insurance company may assume responsibility which could raise your settlement total.

Should another driver have been careless and struck your Uber, you might end up in a dispute with them about whether your Uber driver or the company was partly to blame.

How Serious Your Injuries Are

Obtaining an exceptional Uber accident settlement hinges on proving the full scope of your injuries. It isn’t sufficient to just inform the insurance company about your injuries and anticipate they will believe you and payout. You must do the work to obtain the medical treatment needed and determine whether your injuries are likely to have long-term consequences.

Serious injuries most often cause other losses, such as increased medical bills and lost earnings. An Uber accident that resulted in serious injuries will commonly result in an above-average settlement. Some injuries may not seem serious at first, but their severity becomes evident over time.

For this reason, it is crucial to get treatment very speedily after your Uber accident and wait to find out how your recovery progresses before seeking a settlement.

How Much Money is Available? 

An Uber accident triggers a complex analysis of how what funds are available for your settlement. As an Uber passenger, your own auto insurance might cover such an accident (underinsured motorist, etc.).

Most states also require Uber to provide you with some insurance coverage if your Uber was hit by an underinsured or uninsured driver. If your Uber driver was at fault for the accident, there are substantial insurance policies the company carries to cover the damage done.

Uber’s million-dollar per accident liability coverage increases the chances of a large settlement should you have been seriously injured. Be aware that when more than one person is injured in an accident, there can be a sprint to be first in line to obtain compensation. If you are at the back of the line, your settlement will likely be lower than if you had taken the right steps after the accident

If you’ve been injured in an Uber accident, there is no reason why you should have to pay the price because of another driver’s negligence.

Getting the best Uber accident settlement can be frustrating, especially if you don’t have enough information. It is understandable that you would seek to get the best Uber accident settlement possible, especially after suffering such an unfortunate accident.

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