February 8, 2019

Counter Surveillance and Technology Solutions to Watch for in 2019

Counter Surveillance and Technology Solutions to Watch for in 2019- The world around us is changing all the time, due in no small part to the breakneck pace at which technology continues to advance. Even two decades ago, surveillance tech was something that only governments and the wealthiest could enjoy. Flash forward to today, and for a few hundred dollars (often less), you can purchase a full HD wireless camera complete with night vision that is undetectable to the human eye that can also stream in real-time over the internet.

Counter Surveillance and Technology Solutions to Watch for in 2019

Luckily, there are two sides to every story — particularly this one. Counter surveillance technology has continued to evolve at the same time as people cling to what’s left of their privacy more fiercely than ever. Out of all the counter-surveillance and technology solutions hitting the marketplace, there are a few in particular that you’ll want to watch out for (no pun intended) in 2017.

The XB-68 RF Detector and Camera Finder

If you’re worried about some of those aforementioned cameras that are “undetectable to the naked eye,” the XB-68 RF Detector and Camera Finder is about to become your best friend in the world. It’s a device built to help secure your home from both wired and wireless audio bugs, hidden cameras and more. It has been proven to work against eavesdropping, videotaping and more and offers a laser detection camera operating from 10 cm to 10 m. It also offers radio detection of cameras within a range of 5 cm to 10 m, using the power transmitted to the camera against it to help secure your peace-of-mind.

Counter Surveillance Clothing and the 21st Century Battle for Privacy

Protecting your privacy in an environment you have some control over, such as your home or your office, is one thing. Protecting it while you’re out in the open is something else entirely. That’s where anti-surveillance clothing comes in, which can hide the wearer from everything from facial recognition to heat sensors and more.

The Hyperface project, for example, offers clothing that includes printed patterns or textures that computers often misinterpret as a face. This essentially “confuses” the facial recognition software, making it difficult for anyone to obtain any actionable data from it. There are many other similar products that are currently available for privacy-minded individuals to purchase, and you can expect more to crop up over the next few years.

The Lawmate RD-10 RF and Camera Detector

Sometimes people DON’T simply want audio or video of your activities. They want to know where you are at all times, and they often use GPS trackers to get that information. Luckily, counter-surveillance tech has you covered in this regard, too. Options like the Lawmate RD-10 RF and Camera Detector are law enforcement-grade RF detectors that offer camera lens finders and radiofrequency detection capabilities in one convenient unit. This particular option detects frequencies broadcasting between 20 MHZ and 6 GHz, guaranteeing instant detection against both GPS trackers as well as any other surveillance devices that you may be exposed to.

GSM Safe 3 — Cellphone Protection System

One of the great things about smartphones, in general, is that they seem to have a mind of their own. Even when you’re not actively using one, it’s still working hard to send and receive messages, download updates and transmit other data that makes your life easier. Unfortunately, this is a double-edged sword. Even if you’re fast asleep, someone could still be paying attention to what your phone is up to, gathering sensitive data that may come back to haunt you.

The GSM Safe 3 — Cell Phone Protection System is a counter-surveillance product designed to stop that from happening. Once you place your phone inside the safe, it provides protection against ANY spying or tampering. It generates white noise when RF frequencies are detected to deter phone spies and is even compatible with CDMA, WCDMA, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and virtually all GSM cellphones. All your questions regarding Counter Surveillance and Technology Solutions to Watch for in 2019 are welcomed in the comment box below.

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