July 14, 2021

Cryptocurrency And The Pandemic

Following the upsurge of the covid 19 pandemic, the cryptocurrency market has seemingly been booming. Bitcoin, the world’s most trending form of trade in cryptocurrency, would at earlier times be bought at around $7,300. One year down the line, bitcoin is now trading and costing more than $46,800. This implies that a dramatic percentage increase of more than 600 has been witnessed.

Health situation

Considering that much of the uncertainties surrounding the covid 19 situation are slowly coming to resolve, we can only expect this to positively impact on the trading market. For instance, many companies have been seen to come up into the arena with potent vaccines that have generally been well received by the market, medical care and treatment plus ability to manage emergencies has improved because medical facilities are now better equipped with the utilities needed to manage the crisis. Also, medical personnel are now better placed, informed, and trained to handle patients and manage the disease. On top of this, the general public is aware and involved in undertaking measures that make it possible to protect themselves, seek medical attention, self-isolate, and thus it is possible to keep the covid situation under control.

Due to the fact that many investment and trading options can no longer keep operating as before, many potential investors have been seen to shift focus from traditional ways of conducting business. Many people are seeking digital options to redirect their assets and investment. In this line, britishbitcoinprofit.org is a powerful trading tool used by thousands of people to make money off crypto. With britishbitcoinprofit, you are able to gain exposure on up to 60 crypto CFD pairs that feature bitcoin paired against both fiat and crypto.

According to Colombia Law School the correlation between market cap and trading volume of the top 100 cryptocurrencies, increased with the number of covid 19 cases and deaths, giving an indication of an upward tick in the market. Remote working has been observed to be on the increase with companies cutting down on the number of staff that was previously employed. Also, more employers are seen to include technology more to monitor their employees, such as virtual clocking in and out of work, tracing work that has been done on the computer. Many employees have since lost their jobs and have been forced into seeking non-traditional methods of investing or liquefying assets as a way to gain financial or even invest. This has seen a significant rise in people trying out nontraditional investment options that include trading cryptocurrency. This brings alive the speculation that the use and implementation of blockchain technology in the day-to-day running of many financial and non-financial aspects of work may live to see the day.

Cryptocurrency in healthcare may revolutionize traditional methods through which people seek healthcare. May also change the perspective with which people view healthcare. The concept behind the introduction of healthcare cryptocurrencies is such that the care seeker voluntarily offers to share personal information about their medical data with researchers or is made to attend exercise sessions at the gym for their own health benefit while getting rewards in form of crypto.

Reward for health

Naturally, humans are made to operate in a way that rewards make them seek a product more than if there were no outlined benefits to the said item. If the item in question was to be an exercise for instance, not a huge percentage of people would indulge in it if only the associated benefit was for their bodies to operate at an optimum, much more than if a reward was eventually offered. In this manner, health care and crypto could be connected.

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