May 6, 2021

CS:GO Roles Explained

Your CS:GO clan could never win tournaments and matches without a tactical foundation to support you along the way.

Counter-Strike is a tactical FPS, and without everyone following instructions and pre-game tactics, you don’t stand any chance of competing at high levels.

To become one of the best teams in the game, primarily, you should know the importance of player roles.

Here’s what you need to know to improve your Counter-Strike tactics and make your way up the CS:GO ranks.

The Fundamentals of CS:GO Roles

The best way to understand how the fundamentals of player roles in CS:GO significantly increase the chances of your team winning matches, check how the tactical units handle their operations in real-life scenarios.

To get the best out of your team, you should know that they can’t function well without every piece being in the perfect place.

When creating pre-game tactics, each player should know their responsibility and the role they’ll play in different scenarios.

When everyone knows the role they need to do and focuses on doing their best to fulfill their part of the tactics, your chances of ending matches victorious improve rapidly.

Roles You Can Play

To train your team to compete with some of the best in the game, you should first understand each of the roles you’re able to assign to each player.

It might sound like a tough job, but if you know your teammates and their skill set, you’ll have no issues assigning them one of these roles.

  1. Support

You should always assign a Support Player who will always be behind you covering angles, and guarding corners while you’re attacking or defending a bomb site.

A good support player will always look out for you and watch your back so that you don’t get flanked and fragged.

He will carry grenades, flash grenades, and smoke grenades to cover the bombsite while the team is pushing in and clearing it out.

There’s nothing easy in life without reliable support, and the same goes with CS:GO.

  1. Fragger 

Entry Fragger is a player assigned to be the first player to push in the bombsite and start clearing it out while giving valuable information on the other players’ positioning.

He is always in front of everyone, and collaboration with the support player is crucial to clear out bombsites effectively.

It’s a common thing for these players to have the worst K/D ratio, as they’re more focused on winning the game rather than farming frags.

  1. AWP Player

Here’s a role that everyone wants to get assigned to before any game.

AWP is the most notorious weapon in the game that many players spend a lot of time using. It’s no surprise that an AWP player will bring a lot of flexibility to your team and your tactics.

Buying an AWP costs a lot of credits, and teams often share the money to buy it for the designated player.

AWP players will cover all the far angles that other teams might exploit when rushing into the bombsite and deliver a one-shot blow that will secure them a frag.

  1. Leader

There could never be a good team without a good Team Leader.

You need someone to call the shots in every scenario – someone who’ll know the perfect timing when to rotate or attack the bombsite.

You should always designate the player in your team that you feel will fulfill his duty and lead you to victory in every match. Usually, that’s the most experienced player among the others.

  1. Coach

Not all assigned players should play a role in the game.

Besides these roles, you can always assign one of the best in the team to coach other players before playing competitive matches.

A good Coach will act as a mentor to others and try to find their weaknesses to work on them until they don’t affect the team’s gameplay.

If you feel like no one in the team can fit this duty, you can always hire professional coaches online to make your team better.

  1. Playmaker

The Playmaker will pre-set the tactics for every map and possible scenario you can encounter while playing them.

These players often have an increased ability to read how the game develops and make instant corrections to the game plan.

If you have a good playmaker in the team, your chances of creating successful tactics are much higher, and you won’t seem lost when encountering a well-trained team.

  1. Lurker

A Lurker is a player who will try to play in stealth mode and focus on staying invisible through the match.

He’ll often take a position at the opposite bomb site and wait for the opportunity to read how the opposite team moves.

To be a respectable lurker, you first need to train your patience. You’ll often have a player in your sight, but you’ll have to avoid shooting him.

A lurker will wait for the opportunity to wipe out the entire team instead of shooting on the first contact.

Why Finding Your Role Matters

Finding a perfect role for each of the players in your team will bring you greater chances of winning competitive matches and tournaments.

If your team knows what is necessary when opposed to PRO teams, they will have no issues facing them and trying to end as victorious.

Get to know your team and find your strengths and weaknesses before assigning roles to each one.


Without proper preparations before a match, your team might not have any luck winning it.

Try to fit a role to each of the players in your team, and you will avoid any mishaps on live matches that will embarrass you along the way.

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