January 13, 2021

Dan Bilzerian Net Worth – How He Became so Rich

Dan Bilzerian is a world-famous capitalist, actor, and gambler who comes from the United States of America. But, social media is the actual reason behind his huge popularity. He is also known as the “Instagram King”, where he has more than 30 million followers who are crazy about his super lavish and luxurious lifestyle. There are many discussions about Dan Bilzerian’s net worth. The international figure claims that he made all his wealth by playing poker. E has been voted for being among the funniest poker players by the Bluff magazine on Twitter and this nomination bagged him more attention in the media.

Early Life

Dan Bilzerian was born to Paul Bilzerian and Terri Steffen in Tampa Bay, Florida on December 7, 1980. Paul was a corporate takeover specialist on Wall Street who provided both his sons with trust funds. Dan Bilzerian is of half American descent through his father whereas it was his brother Adam Bilzerian who introduced him to poker. Dan has been to several schools but did not graduate from anywhere. As per the last updates, he got enrolled at the University of Florida, majoring in business and criminology.

How Dan Bilzerian Made His Debut In Poker?

It was 2009 when Dan Bilzerian made his debut in the world of poker by playing in a World Series Poker Event in which he finished in 180th place. It was a life-changing event for Dan! From there on, Poker became his identity and Dan became skilled at Poker. He won around $36,000. The 2009’s event was his most successful, officially sanctioned poker event. Dan’s official career winnings at sanctioned events are relatively very small. Though, he claims winnings of millions and even tens of millions, but in private events. There are very few public entries of him at Poker events.

It was 2013 when a looped video of 5 seconds made Dan Bilzerian an icon! All credit goes to the live coverage of the 2013 World Series of Poker which took place in Las Vegas. The video features a player seated on a felt table, betting on a hand with $7 million in the pot. Well, that’s what one can conclude upon watching the video for the first time. But, when one watches it again and observes carefully, there is this Tom Cruise-ish figure in the screen. This is how the world got to know the strange and unsettling phenomenon of Dan “Blitz” Bilzerian, where life is all about heart-throbbing luxuries and outstanding lifestyle.

It was also 2013 when Bilzerian claimed about winning of $10.8 million from a single night of playing poker, however, that claim was not confirmed. Then, in 2014, there was another claim where he stated about his winning of $50 million throughout the year and further added that he “does not play against professionals anymore and the most he’s ever lost in a single session is $3.6 million”. With so much popularity from Poker, many online casinos have featured his story.

What Is Dan’s Major Source Of Earning?

Well, Poker seems to be the major earning source of Dan Bilzerian and that is what he claims but it’s not the whole story. Bilzerian also happens to be the CEO of Ignite International Brands Ltd. Dan Bilzerian Ignite deals in electronic cigarettes, water bottles, CBD oils, and vodka, and many other products. It is basically a public company, the headquarter of which is situated in Toronto, Canada. Under the ticker of BILZF, the company initialized its trading in January 2019.

Why Are People Crazy About The Lifestyle Of Dan Bilzerian?

Dan Bilzerian’s lifestyle is all about glamour, money, luxuries, fun, models, and weapons. And, he boasts about it on social media. Pictures of his extravagant life on Instagram have made people crazy about him. He has got everything that one could dream of! Dan Bilzerian Instagram and Dan Bilzerian Twitter are two major platforms where Dan keeps his fans posted about what’s going on in his life!

To celebrate the winning of $10.8 million in one high stake game, Dan took a private jet to Mexico. It was not just a holiday trip but it was a glamorous wild party where Dan was surrounded by too many stunning models. This is just one event and there are many others too! Dan Bilzerian is leading an unrealistic and fantastic life that many people out there desire to live!

Dan’s Life Is All About Luxuries!

Like other big celebrities, Dan Bilzerian’s main residence is at Hollywood Hills, where he owns a multi-million mansion that has a superb view over the city, the conventional big pool, poker tables, and a large garage for his big cars.

He owns another apartment in the Panorama Towers of Los Angeles that is just reserved for the rich elites. Then there is another estate in La Jolla, San Diego which is nothing short of gorgeous. The two apartments that Dan owns are super luxurious and unbelievably lavish.

His social media posts speak volumes about his Richie Rich status. The man has an enormous collection of heavy and expensive stuff from firearms, to cars and private jets. His car collection is another heart throbbing asset of him! There is an amazing Chroma plated 1965 ShelbyCobra, a Lamborghini Aventador, a custom made Brabus G63 AM 6×6 truck worth $760,000, an off-road Polaris RZR 900, and a Bentley. And not to forget his Gulfstream IV Private Jet!

Two Heart Attacks Before 30!

This is an insane fact about Dan Bilzerian! All that wine, alcohol, and drugs have rendered him to lead an unhealthy lifestyle to an extent that he suffered two heart attacks before the age of 30. It was his four-day snowboarding vacation and he was 25 years old that he underwent a double heart attack. He also got diagnosed with a major Pulmonary Embolism in 2011, the reason being his body “Overloaded” due to his lifestyle. You will be surprised to know that Dan Bilzerian cartoon was even made on the incident – that’s how popular he is!

Dan Bilzerian has attracted all the attention that he has for all the right reasons. After all, who wouldn’t be awestruck seeing the life Dan leads?

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