July 1, 2021

Instagram Features That Help in Branding

Undoubtedly, Instagram is one of the leading and biggest social media channels in the present day.  In the digital era, businesses are unmanageable without a strong social media presence, especially with no Instagram. A social network is created while including pictures and videos.  For this reason, Instagram-ers buy cheap Instagram followers to establish a notable Instagram presence.

It offers plenty of features that come nothing short of a blessing for brands. One such feature is Instagram filters, which turn low-quality pictures into high quality without requiring much effort. However, in case the platform owns only one feature, it would not have been popular right now.

A great deal of features is introduced to date, which keeps updating now and then. In actuality, it is quite overwhelming to use all the features of a visual app.  But, in case you want to make the most of a photo-sharing app to market your brand, there are few features you should pay keen attention to.

Therefore, here we are!

The blog list down Instagram features, which help in successful branding. However, even before that, let us look at the newest addition. Then dig into detail on features that are essential for branding.

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What Is New on the Gram?

The app continues to grow ever since its launch. It has released tons of updates. Let us look at some of the significant updates for marketers and businesses listed below:

  • In late 2019, Instagram introduced a feature that hides Instagram likes on your post. However, to date, Instagram is counted and remains one of the crucial metrics in the market.
  • Stickers for stories used in polls or countdowns have become quite common among viewers. The app keeps on including new ones. Recently, quiz stickers were added, used in highly interactive stories.
  • A new app ‘Threads,’ ties in your account messages from the close friend’s list that you created on the app. The app is more like a personal massage service. However, in the upcoming days, the up-gradation of the app will offer you insight when users want to engage in private messaging or messaging related to work.
  • Selected brands can test a new feature that includes Augmented reality features.

What are the Features That Help in Branding?

The features that help in branding listed as follows:

Live Video Feature

As the name suggests, the feature allows you to stream video in real-time. Users are allowed to exchange a few words with their followers directly, connecting through comments, views, and likes. When a user is up for a live video stream, a ring surrounds it on the display picture. It is displayed in the story section, which is on the top. In turn, this notifies the following of a brand, and you can join with a click.

The noticeable features on the live video, listed as follows are:

  • Stream video in real-time.
  • Engage with your following through comments and reactions.
  • Save your live video.
  • Pin comments of the video.
  • Users are allowed to invite a friend and broadcast it together.
  • Once the video ends, view the engagement numbers.

 IGTV- Instagram TV

IGTV is a built-in feature of the visual app, allowing users to post long-form videos. Users can find IGTV on explore page.

Instead of searching it on the search box, users can view it on the IGTV tab. A user can upload IGTV videos from both business and personal accounts. It helps you in interacting with your following, boosting your Instagram likes. Additionally, this increases your following organically instead of buying cheap Instagram followers.

IGTV allows you to upload videos for one hour long. Videos are uploaded in horizontal and vertical format. Additionally, you can also share one minute preview on your feed, which boosts excitement among your followings.

With IGTV, you can deliver a huge amount of info for up to one hour. Further, you are allowed to cross-promote your content. Thus, your following is not required to visit other social media channels. Plus, quite a few options are available that help you in diversifying your video content.

Geo-tag location

The feature allows you to tag a physical feature to your content. When you click on a location, it will direct you to all the posts and stories tagged with that location. The geo-tag features include:

  • Users are allowed to set up an Instagram location connected with Facebook.
  • Include physical location to your stories, post, and hashtags.
  • Add up location gifs and stickers on your stories.

Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags are in the form of words and strings, which is one of the common features up of the app. The string is allowed to be posted in your post caption. The tag links all the posts under one, which is clickable. Thus, if you click a hashtag, all posts under it will be able to be viewed. You can include up to 30 hashtags on each post.

Instagram Stories

Around 500 million people view Instagram stories each day. Right under the logo, users are offered an Instagram story feature. The section includes videos and pictures, shown as a slideshow. Every user could post content on Instagram stories to gain Instagram likes and market the brand successfully.

In addition, you can play with this feature. This is because stories are disappeared after 24 hours. However, you can save it for the future if you include it in the highlight section. Further, you can adjust the highlight section accordingly and organize them into categories.

Image and Video Editing

Instagram editing tools offer options for image and video edit. It includes several tools and filters, which turn your low-quality picture into high quality. Users can opt for uploading a picture and then edit it accordingly before posting. You can crop, rotate your brand logo and image. Add up to 10 images in one post. Make use of up to 20 filters and ten edit tools. If your startup does not obtain a professional photographer, you can take help from Instagram filters to boost the count and Instagram likes.

In Conclusion

Instagram is a great channel to market your brand. Even though we have listed significant features for branding, don’t forget to test out the new ones. Boost up your Instagram likes with the listed features or buy Instagram likes to reach a higher level in lesser time.

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