December 15, 2016

How a Domain Name Could Transform Your Online Business

Online shopping and e-commerce are becoming increasingly popular, and frankly, if your company hasn’t tapped into the online market, then you are losing potential customers. The important thing to remember is that running a successful online business doesn’t only require good business management skills; it also requires an excellent knowledge of online marketing. In this day and age, selling products on the internet and online marketing skills go hand-in-hand. One of the most effective ways of developing a strong online presence is a unique domain name, read on to find out why.

Top Level Domains

What some people don’t know is that there are two parts to the domain name, the name that comes after www. and the domain extension, which is normally .com and is known as the top-level domain. The top-level domain is equally important as the main domain name; the two should complement each other, and work to create an effective, attractive online brand. There are several new top-level domains that are available to pick up in 2016, from industry-specific extensions such as .tech and .wedding, for example. For more information on how a top-level domain could benefit the online marketing strategy for your business, then read this article on the 1&1 digital guide.

An Effective Brand Starts with the Domain Name

Creating an effective brand for a company requires imagination and expert knowledge of the market. It is imperative to know the customer’s interests, likes, and dislikes, and to use market research to create a brand that appeals to the customer’s needs and tastes. There are many different components to developing a brand, but one of the most important factors is ensuring that the brand name matches the domain name. Nowadays, every company needs an online marketing strategy, and in many ways, the website is the most important part of online marketing. For this reason, the domain name should be striking, memorable, and reflective of the company, as this is the name that the majority of customers will know you by.

When brainstorming ideas for your company’s brand name, it is worth considering how it would translate into a URL. Once you have decided on a name, it is important to make sure your desired choice is available. If you use the same domain name as an existing company, you could find yourself in legal trouble, therefore it is crucial that you ensure your domain name is unique. There are free domain checkers online, which will search for your desired domain name and check if it is available. By using online domain checkers, you will save yourself the disappointment of finding out that your domain name has already been taken, and will ensure that you find the best domain name to strengthen, and complement the overall brand of your company.

Increase Traffic

The main reason why a domain name could transform your online business is that a strong brand leads to high visibility in search engines, and the more visible your website is, the more customers you will attract. This is why it is important to do some research into creating good quality SEO content. Think about it, there are millions of websites out there, and yours could easily get lost in the crowd. By choosing a striking domain name that shows your business in an attractive light, more people will be likely to click on your links and then increase traffic to your website.

Attract New Customers with Keywords

Keywords allow search engines to direct users to your website. By including a popular keyword in your domain name, more customers will find you online as your domain will be more visible to search engines. However, this only works if you buy your domain name. If you choose a free domain provider like WordPress, your domain name will look something like ‘,’ and won’t gain the same ranking in Google as a privately owned domain name like ‘’ That’s why buying your own domain, and customizing it to fit your company is crucial to gaining a high SEO ranking.

So, when developing your online marketing strategy, put the time and effort into thinking of a strong, catchy, and innovative domain name. After all, you want to make your website stand out from the crowd and that user will remember who you are.

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