May 15, 2020

Don’t Know What Tricks to Use to Pass Microsoft MS-900 Exam? Count on Exam Dumps to Obtain a High Score

Are you interested in strengthening your knowledge on cloud services and SaaS cloud model, but you don’t know where to start? You should take a look at Microsoft MS-900 and start the training process to build the skills tested in this assessment. By successfully passing this test you will obtain the Microsoft 365 Fundamentals certification.

It will help you demonstrate to any international recruiter that you have strong expertise in cloud concepts and understand the core Microsoft 365 notions and services. Thus, we have created this article to help you become familiar with the exam structure and determine which skills you need to develop to succeed in MS-900.

Also, we know how important it is to use reliable and comprehensive training resources in your preparation process. Apart from the Microsoft official website, we will also present exam dumps as an additional training option. So, are you ready to learn more about MS-900 practice test questions exam and the available braindumps that can increase your chances to obtain the passing score? Let’s get started then.

Microsoft MS-900 Assessment Structure

If you want to get more advanced knowledge of Microsoft technologies and other cloud computing environments, then you should start with MS-900 to build your foundation. The Certbolt Home Page Here Microsoft MS-900 test is the only exam necessary to obtain the credential for Microsoft 365 Certified Fundamentals. This assessment is focused on four essential topics:

  • Different types and concepts related to cloud services;
  • Identification and management of basic Microsoft 365 concepts and services like Windows 10, Microsoft Teams, or Exchange Online technology;
  • Describing different Microsoft 365 options related to compliance, privacy, and security;
  • Using Microsoft 365 support and pricing options to improve business performance.

The registration fee for this exam is $99. If you don’t succeed in passing it from the first attempt, you will have to pay the fee every time you take the test. So, you should better study hard if you want to get the passing score from the first try. In addition, you’ll have to do 40-60 questions of different formats that must be complete in a given time limit which is 60 minutes.

Also, the registration process is different for non-students and instructors or students. In case you are a non-student who is interested in technology and wants to sit for this exam to build his/her foundational knowledge on Microsoft 365 services, then you should register using Pearson VUE. On the other hand, if you are an instructor or student, you should use the Certiport platform for registration.

Once you check either of the platforms, all you have to do is enter your details and follow the instructions that appear on the screen. Now that you know what you have to do to register for MS-900 and what skills you need to develop to be a successful candidate, you should start preparing to develop the necessary knowledge. Are you curious to know what exam dumps we have prepared for you? Keep reading the rest of this article and feed your curiosity.

Microsoft Training Options to Pass MS-900

Once you access the vendor’s official page for MS-900 you will discover different types of training resources. The Microsoft 365 fundamentals learning path is an online free training option that consists of 9 modules and which you can use to build more knowledge on Office 365 and Windows 10 concepts.

Even though the lessons taught during these videos refer to basic Microsoft 365 concepts, you should also have some knowledge of cloud computing topics. However, if you want more interactivity, then you should opt for the instructor-led course. It is also centered on Microsoft 365 Fundamentals but the information is transmitted during live classes.

Thus, in case you have any questions you can address them directly to your trainers and get immediate answers. This type of training is quite intensive, but it helps exam-takers get a better understanding of the taught concepts as it keeps them away from distractions.

Apart from the training provided by Microsoft professional trainers, candidates can also enter community forums or check for the related books available on the Microsoft Press Store. Any additional training resource will bring a plus in your preparation process.

Train for MS-900 Test with

Even though Microsoft resources might seem enough to secure your passing score, you shouldn’t give up on searching additional training options to help you succeed in MS-900. Apart from the vendor’s learning alternatives, exam dumps are some of the most helpful prep materials that can help you secure a high passing score in this Microsoft test. You will find two types of braindumps on the online platform.

The free ETE files contain sets of questions and answers which are permanently uploaded by other exam-takers who have recently taken the test. But, there is more than that! For an affordable fee of $59.99, you can purchase the Premium Bundle for MS-900. What does this package contain? Well, it has a premium braindump with 133 questions and expert-verified answers, one training course with 21 lectures, and a 317-page study guide.

All these products will help you test your knowledge and understand what topics you need to study more. Also, you should be prepared with the right software to open these free and paid ETE files. So, you will need the ETE Exam Simulator to get used to the test structure and environment.


The Microsoft MS-900 exam represents the first milestone that you need to accomplish if you want to build a successful career in IT. This test helps examinees get the Microsoft 365 credential in Fundamentals. As this test is not an easy one, students will need to be consistent in their training process and study hard to ensure that they will be successful in passing MS-900 exam.

So, apart from using the vendor’s official training resources, you can differentiate from your competitors if you count on reliable exam dumps from as an additional training option. Once you get your score results in MS-900 you will understand that all the effort and investment put in buying these braindumps are worth it.

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