June 26, 2022

Transfer Messages from Android to iPhone with Wondershare MobileTrans

The most common issue individuals encounter when purchasing a new iPhone, such as the iPhone 12/12 Pro (Max), is determining how to transfer data from an Android or old iPhone. Moving photographs, audio, videos, and other files is simple because there are numerous programs accessible.

Aside from that, they must be able to move messages and contacts to their new phone, such as the iPhone 12/12 Pro (Max). However, copying text messages from Android to iPhone can be more complicated than transferring other data. But don’t panic. There are some methods for easily moving messages from Android to iPhone.

When we get a new smartphone, we usually focus on transferring pictures, contacts, and videos. But, in the process, we frequently overlook transferring messages that contain critical information about our work or personal lives. The good news is that an app called MobileTrans allows iPhone users to transfer messages from Android to iPhone.

Wondershare MobileTrans Application in Action

This desktop program transmits data across several phone types, such as iPhone and Android. Contacts, photos, videos, messages, songs, and other software are all compatible files you can transfer.

The program is not only compatible with iOS and Android but also with Windows mobile devices. It supports over 8000 mobile devices that run these platforms.

Furthermore, the entire product is designed for non-tech-aware consumers without prior background knowledge. The user interface is straightforward and comprehensive.

Transfer Text Messages from Android to iPhone in One Click with MobileTrans

Here is a quick overview of what you transfer with the MobileTrans application:

  • Calendar, contacts, text messages, photographs, notes, movies, apps, wallpaper, voice memos, and other data kinds are available.
  • Securely move data without resetting devices or erasing original data.
  • Maintain the quality of your data while keeping it confidential.
  • The interface is really easy, and you may choose the type of data you want to move.

Why Choose MobileTrans to Transfer Data from Android to iPhone

Many of us feel the need to transfer data between phones for various reasons. It’s possible that we have a replacement phone, or that our old phone is broken. Similarly, you might want to back up the data on your phone in case you’re replacing your phone.

Whatever the cause, transferring your data and files can be a real nuisance. That is why so many people have opted to use MobileTrans, a fantastic tool from Wondershare that makes it extremely simple to transfer large amounts of data swiftly and efficiently. Continue reading to discover four main reasons why MobileTrans is the greatest phone transfer tool on the market.

Transferring data Between iOS and Android

MosbileTrans’s main strength is that it freely works with both iOS and Android phones, allowing you to rely on it regardless of the combination you require. In addition, everything is quite straightforward when you’re transferring data from one iPhone to another or Android device. For example, suppose you want to transfer WhatsApp from an Android to an iPhone or vice versa. In that case, the process is the same – simply connect the two phones to your computer via cable, and MobileTrans will detect them immediately.

From there, it’s just a matter of deciding what you want to move and in which direction, then clicking once to get started. Depending on how much data you’re relocating, it should just take a few minutes to complete the task and transfer your important files. It truly is as simple as that, making the often-frightening thought of switching between Android and iOS considerably less daunting.

Easy WhatsApp Backup and Restoration

One of MobileTrans’s most prominent features is its full support for WhatsApp, which is an app that can be somewhat tricky when it comes to data transfer. When you purchase a new phone and connect to WhatsApp, you may discover that some files or photographs were not saved or that your chats have gaps in their history.

This may be prevented by using MobileTrans to back up and restore your WhatsApp messages and files to your new phone. This allows you to resume where you left off without interruption. While WhatsApp will enable you to export chats in a convoluted manner, this is the sole option to restore those talks to your smartphone, which is priceless.

Complete Backup for Your Devices

Of course, transferring data between devices is beneficial, but you may not want to do it right away and would rather have a system in place to back up your devices ahead of time in case you need to recover or transfer data later.

That’s why MobileTrans also functions as an excellent one-click backup tool, allowing you to keep numerous backups of your phone and roll back to them if desired or restore them to a new handset when necessary. It provides simple peace of mind.

Convenient and Accessible

Finally, MobileTrans was designed to be as accessible as possible, which is why it works on Android and iOS phones, and the desktop version is available for either Mac or Windows desktops. That accessibility is enhanced by how simple it is to use compared to other backup and transfer solutions, with most processes requiring only a few clicks.

MobileTrans – Pros and Cons


  • Excellent and extensive user interface design
  • Price plans for various requirements
  • Most devices from various manufacturers are compatible.
  • Excellent data transmission rates
  • 100 percent safe
  • It backs up your device completely.
  • Accessible


  • You can only backup entire media folders, not individual photographs, movies, or songs.


Overall, using Wondershare MobileTransfer is an excellent choice if you intend to get a phone from a different manufacturer. It does make switching between the two phones a lot easier by making phone to phone transfer simpler.

One could argue that Mac pricing is far higher than Windows prices, but this is justified by Apple’s history of attempting to force people to adopt their own software.

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