June 17, 2021

DoorDash Review: Is Becoming a DoorDash Driver Worth It?

Back then, students and other employees would take up part-time jobs delivering pizza and other food items to try and earn extra money. Without a doubt, working as a delivery driver is definitely a great way to earn money, and now it’s easier to become one thanks to services and apps like DoorDash. Are you interested in becoming a DoorDash driver, a.k.a a “Dasher”? Are you sure that this is the right side hustle for you and are delivery jobs worth it?

This review will explain what DoorDash is and how much you can earn if you become a Dasher. Keep reading to find out more.

What Is DoorDash?

If you’re not familiar, DoorDash is a food delivery service and competitor to similar apps like Grubhub and Uber Eats. The DoorDash app is completely free to download and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The service has become more and more popular as time passes, and the platform has continued to expand throughout the United States and even some regions of Canada.

The app functions just like every other food delivery service out there: once you open up the app, DoorDash will display local restaurants near your location or delivery address. We’ll talk more about how DoorDash works below.

How Does It Work?

Using the app is pretty straightforward, so anyone from all walks of life shouldn’t have trouble learning how it works. As soon as you open up the DoorDash app, you’ll see a list of restaurants you can order from, with each one showcasing its respective menus and offerings available. Once you find something you want to order, you can simply add those food items to your cart, along with special requests or notes if you have any.

Afterward, once everything is all set, you can place an order within seconds. The restaurant you ordered from will receive a notification or alert that an order has been placed, and they will confirm the order for you. From there, the nearest DoorDash driver or Dasher will be notified of the order so they can drive to the restaurant to pick it up for you once it’s ready. The Dasher will drive to your house with your order, delivering your food straight to your door.

How to Start Working for DoorDash?

If you’re looking to earn extra income, becoming a Dasher is always a great option. But how can you start working for DoorDash, and is it easy to get started? More often than not, DoorDash workers have a main full-time job or treat making deliveries as more of a side job. If you live in North America, then becoming a Dasher is definitely a great way to earn money because DoorDash is available in over 600 cities, and there are almost always customers placing orders at any time of the day.

That being said, it’s worth noting that if you decide to become a DoorDash driver, you’ll be working as an independent contractor.

Driver Requirements

Here are the requirements if you’re interested or planning to become a Dasher:

  • Your full name
  • Your address and current location
  • Phone number
  • A valid email address
  • Your social security number
  • Vehicle type (name, make, model, year)
  • Consent for a background check.

For the last point, it’s worth mentioning that it’s not always a requirement to get approved for DoorDash. However, it’s becoming more and more necessary these days to ensure the safety and security of both the customers and the other employees. Asides from the above-mentioned requirements, DoorDash has several other requirements worth noting:

  • Be 18 years of age
  • Have a valid driver’s license
  • Own a vehicle, may it be a car, motorcycle, bicycle, or scooter
  • Have a clean criminal record
  • Have a valid insurance policy
  • Own a fully functional smartphone

How Much Can You Earn With DoorDash?

According to hearsay and advertisements, it’s said that DoorDash drivers can earn $25 an hour, if not more. Is this really true, though? Well, it’s actually possible for Dashers to earn this much, but it’s not always the case. In actuality, DoorDash pays its drivers a minimum of $10 an hour, specifically those who are actively delivering orders and driving to different homes. However, Dashers have the opportunity to earn more than that through tips given to them by customers. Depending on where you live and how many deliveries you’ve done in a certain amount of time, you can earn as much as $20 to $25 an hour.

If you’re not able to earn over $10 from doing deliveries and tips, DoorDash will supply the remaining amount to ensure that you’re always earning $10 per hour of working.


  • You can work at your own pace and schedule, which is perfect if you have a main full-time job.
  • With the DailyPay feature, Dashers have the option to receive their earnings immediately.
  • DoorDash offers convenience payout options such as direct deposit and PayPal.
  • As a driver, you can receive great freebies such as discounts, gift cards, free meals, and more.


  • You have to shoulder any costs related to your vehicle, such as gas, maintenance, insurance, and more because DoorDash won’t help you with it.
  • Even when it’s the restaurant’s fault (missing orders or late deliveries), the driver could end up getting blamed. In this case, unhappy customers could remove their tip or leave a negative review, which could hurt the driver’s reputation and the amount they earn every day.
  • The amount of money you receive as a Dasher greatly depends on how hard you work on an hourly basis.


So, given what you know now, is it worth becoming a DoorDash driver? If it’s just a side hustle to earn an extra stream of income, it’s definitely worth considering. Plus, becoming a Dasher means you can decide when your work schedule will be, and this flexibility can come in handy if you’re a busy person. However, if you plan on making DoorDash your main income, it might be a bit challenging. But if you work hard every day and deliver as many orders as you can, you could earn a lot daily.

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