February 9, 2023

Examples on how to create an influential email newsletter

Creating an influential email newsletter can be a daunting task. Knowing where to begin and which aspects of a newsletter are most important isn’t easy. Marketers know that the overall design and content of a newsletter combined is what makes the most significant impression on recipients.

By studying the best newsletter examples, you can get some inspiration for the type of newsletter you wish to create for your business. Keep reading to learn how to create a successful email newsletter and how to engage readers.

What is an email newsletter?

An email newsletter is an email that has both text and media and is distributed to a list of clients and prospects to keep them informed about your business, product news, and advancements, as well as deliver content to subscribers.

It is a powerful digital marketing strategy for engaging with your community regularly and providing the content you want to their inboxes. In practice, we all receive a large number of newsletters every day. Newsletters allow businesses to provide engaging information, increase sales, and drive visitors to their websites. Email campaigns are also relatively simple to measure and modify, allowing companies to track progress and make the necessary changes that lead to more gains.

An email newsletter can be an essential part of your entire marketing plan. Though some marketers feel that newsletters are easy to create, well-designed newsletters can pay off tremendously. The trick is that it should appear from a friend rather than a salesperson.

What are the rules for creating a successful email newsletter?

Creating a successful email newsletter from scratch can be overwhelming. Proofreading the copy, creating a beautiful design, developing engaging calls-to-action, designing the email to work for various inboxes and devices, eliminating spam triggers, and brainstorming attractive subject lines are all important considerations. Breaking down each step and focusing on one aspect at a time is the best way to create an excellent newsletter for your business. Here are the three most important steps you should take:

Know your goal

Before writing a single word, ensure you understand the newsletter’s purpose and how it fits into your content strategy. Is your newsletter intended to increase visitors to your website? Help you create leads? Obtain more email addresses? Or do you want to promote new products and services? Determine your objective and allow the rest of your decisions to flow from it.


As an example, Canva aim their emails at boosting engagement and retention by providing tips and details on how users can better utilize their platform for their business needs

Be personal

If your marketing platform supports personalization, this simple change might significantly impact your conversion rates. By segmenting your target audience, you can choose the right content for certain groups, generating a higher click-through rate. Moreover, something as small as adding the recipient’s name can make a huge impact – it shows you care about your clients on a personal level.


For example, Penguin Random House offers genre preferences when readers sign up for their newsletter. You can segment your list and give customized content based on the information you receive from your subscribers.

Write an engaging subject line.

Brevity and an easily actionable value proposition are two factors that can help you create a click-worthy subject line. Avoiding the triggers for spam traps is also essential – don’t over-capitalize or use many exclamation points. Try using the best practice for subject lines as a starting point, then do your A/B testing to evaluate your audience’s preference.

What makes the newsletter powerful and able to engage readers?

The reach of email is enormous. In 2019, the global number of email users totaled 3.9 billion. That total is set to reach 4.6 billion users by 2025. A newsletter has the potential to reach millions if done successfully and can help grow your business exponentially.

As vital as following an email style guide is, your content is undoubtedly the most significant aspect of your email newsletter. The most outstanding email newsletter examples provide a great starting point for style and design, but you must also provide recipients with the information they want to read.

A good email newsletter begins with a solid header, so make sure your contact details, subject line, and email header are all appropriate. Your business name, logo, and contact information should be included in your header so recipients may contact you if they have any issues or feedback regarding your newsletter. The subject line’s objective is to catch the reader’s attention and let them know what content they can expect in the email.


This example from Asana follows all the best practices – their newsletter has a sleek and easy-to-follow design with CTA links to encourage readers to further engage with their content.

It is up to you to conclude what is essential for your business, but this email aims to keep readers informed. You could develop a new product line or entirely redesign your website to accept more payment methods. Whatever the situation, your email newsletter allows you to communicate with your customers and keep them up to date on what’s going on in your business.


Writing an email newsletter requires effort, but the potential reward is worth it. A well-crafted email newsletter can make readers feel like they are a part of your company as they receive all the essential news and updates. By following the best practices for engaging newsletter content and creating a beautiful design, you can take your business up a level with an influential email newsletter.

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