June 11, 2016

Xtreme Download Manager – Get 5X Faster Download Speed – Windows, MAC and Linux

You might have used IDM for the Windows operating systems to increase your downloading speed. This Internet Download Manager divides downloads into multiple streams for faster downloading. But the main problem for using this IDM is that it works only on Windows and cannot be installed in other operating systems like Linux, Mac etc. Moreover, this IDM is not free. So, here is the better solution for us i.e Xtreme Download Manager.

Xtreme Download Manager is an advanced and powerful download manager that allows you to control your downloads in a much better way. XDM is written in Java programming language and as a result, it can be compatible with all the major operating systems  like Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X. This Download manager is available for free and it is user-friendly. XDM can be integrated easily with browsers like Chrome, Firefox,opera etc.


The main advantage of this XDM download manager is that it downloads the files at the maximum possible speed i.e. downloading content at up to 500%  faster speed. Xtreme Download Manager helps you to grab stuff from YouTube, DailyMotion, Metacafe and other websites. It supports HTTP, HTTPS, firewalls, cookies, FTP protocols etc. Let us see how to install it and how it works.

Installing and Using Xtreme Download Manager In Linux:

Installing Xtreme Download Manager in Linux is as simple as running few commands. You have the option of downloading a regular DEB file package and compiling it from source or making use of a PPA repository.

Here we’ll be skipping that hassle and using a third-party repo from Noobslab. I’ve installed Xtreme Download Manager in my installation of Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus.


All you have to do is run these commands in a terminal window and press enter after each of them:

After installing Xtreme Download Manager and opening the application, you’ll be prompted to go ahead and perform the browser integration. I chose Firefox option and was able to do the integration in no time.


Installing Xtreme Download Manager For Windows and Mac OS X:

Windows and Mac OS X users can download the installer packages from this Download page link. OS X users need to install Java before installing it. You can also be retracted to the download link by clicking on the below picture. [Update: This link is no longer available]


Xtreme Download Manager is full of many features and you need to explore them all to get used to its functions. This simple and easy to use download manager is surely worth a try. Did you find Xtreme Download Manager interesting? Share your views in the comments below.

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