April 26, 2015

How to Get Early Earthquake Alerts on Your Smartphone [Android and iOS]

An Earthquake of 7.5 magnitude struck in Nepal and East-North of India yesterday i.e 25th of April. This earthquake lead to huge destruction in terms of human lives, properties and marketplaces in Nepal. It is reported that over 900 people lost their lives in this natural calamity and several injured. However an early alert of Earthquake can help you in saving many lives. Here is one such app which will alert you when there is a ourbreak of Earthquake all around the world right on your Smartphone.

The earthquake data is mostly retrieved from the USGS (United States Geological Survey) website, which also measures significant earthquakes around the world. There are quite a few apps but the app named Earthquake Alert for Android phones and Earthquake Map and Alert for iOS users are two most popular apps which already have millions of downloads on its respective stores. This can see magnitude 1.0+ from the US and magnitude 4.5+ from across the world.

eathquake app

Features of the App:

  1. Separate tabs for map and lists last quake updates around the world.
  2. Map with magnitude details.
  3. USGS site details.
  4. Satellite Map view.
  5. Compatible with almost all devices including budget smartphones.

Download the App for Android and iOS:

Click here to download Earthquake alert for Android Phones
Click here to download Earthquake Map and alerts for iOS Users

An early detection of such a big natural calamity can save hundreds of lives. Let us know if you have any troubling in using these apps in your comments.

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  1. Nowadays technology improved so well. the one good example is this App which alert the earthquake before it comes. I hope most of the people will install this app after reading this post. including me.

  2. Hello Imran, Really you have posted good information to the users.
    Ya! Nepal had a huge earthquake and some others places too. It was so sad. By using this App, they can be alerted.

    Thanks for sharing Good Informative Article…. !!! Always

  3. Hello sir
    It is one of the best apps to know about earthquake information. I think everyone should have this apps on his/ her Smartphone device.

  4. Hello Imran Sir,
    I like this your app review and i will install it on my phone. But i always pray to god that i will not see that date when this app goes activated.
    Thank you sir for your nice and informative blog post.

  5. Thanx for the post. But one thing needs to be made clear to everyone, specially the person from above comments, that no apps or no service can really predict an earthquake… These apps shows an Earthquake only when it had happened already in that place. The only scope of getting some alert is that if you suddenly receive a message that an earthquake of great magnitude has hit near around 100 to 200 km away from you. Then may be you get some reaction time till the earthquake ground wave hits your location. But it becomes a paradox, If you want to be alerted before it hits you, it means it is to be originated far away enough and then again it will not have any significant impact/magnitude in your location. Hope I could be of help. One very important lesson, if your earthquake epicenter is not just below you, you may get some time from the first tremor to the final ground wave. So, any time you feel some tremor or receive sms/notification that an Earthquake is originated not so far from you, don’t hesitate, just rush outside if you are in ground floor or lower floors and if you you are in top floors, follow the drill- duck under hard table or beside steel Almira/Cabinet or just duck beside a strong pillar in your room.. Hope I could be of little help. Thanx

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