October 28, 2020

Easy Ways to Remove Watermark from Photo

Assuming you have a company presentation in less than an hour and you need a few images to assist drive your point home. Unfortunately, you can’t access the original photo your company owns.

A similar photo has a watermark, and you urgently need to remove it but keep in mind, you are running out of time. What do you do? Here is a workable plan for you:

H3:  Plan 1: How to remove a watermark with the Clone Stamp tool

The  Automatic Watermark Remover software has a unique tool known as the Clone Stamp tool that is quick and simple to remove the watermark. You need to follow these procedures:

  1. Launch Photo Stamp Remover
  2. Add your file. 
  3. On the right side of the software’s toolbar, select the Clone Stamp tool, adjust the brush size, and harness to suit your retouching needs.
  4. Place the cursor on the watermark area holding the ALT key, and select the area you intend to extract the pixels.
  5. When you are done selecting the watermark area, release the ALT key. Begin painting over the watermark by holding the Left Mouse button.
  6. Once you are done painting, select the Smudge tool under the Tools menu and adjust to the right brush size.
  7. To ensure there no traces of any watermark, paint with a few mouse clicks.

H3:  Plan 2: Find the source image and buy it

Removing watermark from a photo using advanced programs will require you to spend more than an hour, and it might not turn out perfect. If you really need the image but have no time to edit, you can purchase from online stock images. The value of your time is vital for your presentation.

H3: Plan 3: Overlap with your own watermark

When you have deadlines to meet within a short period, you will have to make one of the decisions to put your watermark that overlaps the creator’s watermark. Ensure it is opaque to block the original watermark. When adding your watermark, consider the opacity, size, and color.

H3: Plan 4: Find similar stock images without watermark

If you are working on a presentation, you might get fixated on a specific image. The issue occurs when you can’t find a high-quality image without a watermark. It would be best if you considered whether you must use the exact image you want. Is it possible to be flexible and search for another picture? You can use online sources to find alternatives such as FlickrStock.xchng, and many more.

H2 How to remove watermark using Photoshop CC? 

You can start editing images using Photoshop CC if you have reached the following conclusions:

  • You can’t find an appropriate photo
  • You can’t find a picture without a watermark through image search
  • You can’t afford the original image

When using Photoshop CC, you will have two options:

  1. Remove a watermark with Content-Aware Fill
  2. Remove a watermark with Clone Stamp and Healing Brush Tools

Remove a watermark with Content-Aware Fill

If you opt for content-aware fill, you will need to follow the following procedure:

Step 1: Launch Photoshop CC program on your computer

Step 2: Open your photo using Photoshop, then select the area around the watermark using your selection tool is chosen, such as Magic Wand.

Step 3: You will need to expand the selected watermark area to capture a wide area of background pixels. On the program to Select, then Modify, and lastly, click on Expand. To expand the selection, you will be required to enter the necessary number of pixels then press OK.

Step 4: On this step, click on Edit, then Fill and select Content-Aware located in the contents section. Under blending, select the Normal Mode and ensure the Opacity is 100. The color adaptation field should be left unchecked.

Step 5: Lastly, deselect the watermark selection by holding CTRL + D, and the unwanted element will disappear.

Remove watermark with the Clone Stamp and Healing Brush Tools.

There is another way to erase watermark from images using other post-processing tools

such as the Clone Stamp and Healing Brush Tools. Below are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Launch Photoshop CC program on your computer

Step 2: Open your photo using Photoshop, and from the left side toolbar,

select the Clone Stamp tool, or you can press S on the keyboard to select it.

Ensure the hardness and brush size match your retouching requirements by right-clicking on the photo.

Step 3: On the keyboard, hold down the ALT button and take a sample near

the watermark. Drag the cursor over the watermark to apply the cloned area.

Step 4: Select the healing brush tool situated on the left side toolbar

of the software. This tool is used for clearing up or getting rid of marks, traces, or spots. Next, right-click on the photo and select the right settings for the hardness and brush size.

Step 5: On this step, you will start the healing process. Hold down the

ALT key on the keyboard and take samples around the area with the original watermark. Then begin painting with small clicks to remove all traces of the watermark.

How to remove watermark online

Online watermark remover can assist you to remove watermarks in images. However, uploading photographs online display your photographic work, company’s products, or private life, and it can leave you vulnerable to photo misuse or theft. The process is slow, and sometimes the online watermark remover does not work. You may also be asked to complete a few online surveys before you are allowed to use a web tool.

Downloaded computer software, such as Photo Stamp Remover, is the best option to remove the watermark on photos in a few clicks and seconds. The Photo Stamp Remover has various uncommon features that you should use to remove date stamp from photos, including:

  • Easy to use
  • No privacy risk
  • Edited photo quality is guaranteed
  • Use of batch processing mode to edit several photos at once
  • The software can be accessed offline, anywhere, anytime

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