November 10, 2021

How to earn money from Instagram

If you are thinking of starting to earn some money by doing some activities in the online environment, Instagram is one of the most profitable platforms. If you manage to find the right recipe, you will be able to generate income only from managing an Instagram account on which you will not have to do anything but post and create engagement. Another way could be through online betting sites, but we will talk about them on another occasion. Here are some ways to make money on Instagram.

Work as an influencer

An influencer is a person who has an audience of many people. The fact that it is followed by so many people gives an influencer the power to increase the traffic, visibility, sales, or notoriety of a business. Among other things that an influencer can do, its main quality is to offer its audience the best possible recommendations. But how can an influencer make money on Instagram?

Suppose an influencer has 100,000 followers. He sends these people a message or a public post telling them that he has just bought an excellent coffee from the supermarket. Out of 100,000 people, a very small percentage will go to the store to buy the product. Another percentage will remember this product when they see it on the shelf, and others will completely ignore the post. Well, if 1% of 100,000 followers would buy that coffee brand after posting, we can say that they were influenced to buy a product.

So companies can pay to make a post that will generate sales, and so you end up earning money as an influencer on Instagram.

Be an affiliate marketer

Instagram is a platform where you can achieve many things and you can have bigger and bigger results. The larger your community, the more methods you can find to generate money. Another method that you can use that does not involve the use of online betting sites is affiliate marketing. Obviously, this can also be done through the Instagram platform. To generate revenue from affiliate marketing, you need to know how to generate sales.

Earnings from affiliate marketing can only occur if a customer purchases a product or service following your recommendation. If sales are generated from your posts, you will receive a percentage. For example, if out of the 100,000 followers, you recommend a $50 blender and 50 people buy it, you will receive a commission for 50 sales. If this commission is 10%, you make $250.

Earn money for your content through tips and ads.

Ads and tips are a fairly complex method of making money on Instagram, and not all influencers or content creators can get this method to work. Those who receive tips do so only because the audience thinks they deserve it. After all, they work hard. Most of the time, people who receive tips are artists, entertainers, people who travel, or people who always give you a reason to smile.

They deserve all the gratitude from the community, and the followers feel like giving something back, and they do it through these tips. Ad earnings are a bit simpler. Most of those who earn money from their Instagram profile has a lot of collaboration or promotion contracts. Entrepreneurs who want to promote their business will make you publish ads through which their products are promoted to be seen by your followers.

They will pay you for several posts or send your products home for free for you to try. Contracts like this can be very varied.

Become an entrepreneur

In the end, the last solution to make money from Instagram is to become an entrepreneur and promote your own business through the platform. Fortunately, you won’t necessarily need an account with hundreds of thousands of followers to generate Instagram sales. Entrepreneurs can benefit from a service provided by Instagram, called Instagram Ads. Using it, you will be able to pay for the platform to distribute your ads to more or fewer people.

This will bring paid traffic to your ads. If you want to do everything organically and build a business Instagram account yourself, you can do that too. After a fairly long period, you will end up with a fairly large number of followers who will generate revenue.


There are a lot of ways to earn money from Instagram. There are hundreds of thousands of influencers, entrepreneurs, and content creators who generate monthly income. As you grow your community and the number of followers, you will see more and more companies contact you. Your income will increase more and more, and in a short time, you will become an influencer.

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