January 1, 2022

Emerald Engagement Rings – These Rings Will Leave You Green with Envy

Few gems hold as high a place in our hearts as the all-mighty green emerald. With a spectacular saturated-green hue that can stop any jewelry enthusiast in her sparkle-seeking tracks, emeralds make a bold, impossible-to-miss statement-and we are all about that. These days, then, we have rounded up emerald friendship rings, engagement rings, wedding rings, etc., worth going green with envy over.Hidden Diamond Double Cat Claw Prongs Emerald Ring - Hazel No. 4

Ring Settings for Emeralds

Because of their inadequate durability, it is best to use protective ring configurations for an emerald engagement ring. Many jewelers employ bezel settings to keep away from chips and fractures. In this type of setting, a rim of metal covers the whole girdle of the stone, which is most vulnerable to damage. Some jewelers like to add ornamental raised prongs to a bezel setting. This tends to make it look like a prong setting, but with the protection of a bezel.


Other jewelers use configurations that are close to the finger or set low in a halo. Settings with many prongs around the stone can also give extra protection. When you unintentionally knock your ring against something, you are most likely to hit a prong than the emerald.

Emerald Ring Styles

Using a bezel setting does not mean you have to miss out on your favorite ring style. Classic solitaires or diamond side stones are well-known choices for emerald engagement rings, but stylish halo styles can look wonderful, too.

Emerald with Gold

Many couples choose for nature-inspired rings to complement mossy green emeralds. Emeralds look gorgeous in any metal color. Most select to pair a bluish emerald with yellow gold or a yellowish emerald with white gold or platinum. These pairings help to make the emerald appear a more pure green. Rose gold is a wonderful option, too. Since red and green are opposed to the color wheel, the red shades of the metal will make your green gem pop. You can find these rings from jewelry stores in St Thomas Virgin Islands.

Beautiful Emerald Rings

Here are some beautiful rings with natural green emeralds; these amazing rings are perfect as classic engagement rings.

  • Round Cut Halo Emerald Engagement Ring – Emerald and diamond go quite well. Now that is a combination we may get behind. With an eye-catching diamond halo framing a gorgeous emerald center stone and a split-shank diamond band, we love this round cut halo emerald wedding ring for the partner seeking a vintage setting and a totally unexpected and completely dreamy center stone.
  • Vintage Emerald Engagement Ring – For the partner who wishes to make a storied statement on her ring finger, we are passionate about the unmistakably classic setting of this one-of-a-kind round-cut emerald engagement ring.
  • Cushion Cut Emerald Engagement Ring –  https://segaljewellery.com/collections/green-emerald– If your dream ring is something that is streamlined and chic while still creating a serious statement, this gorgeous cushion-cut emerald engagement ring is all for you. We often see emeralds in more vintage or complex settings-which is why this modern take on a vintage emerald engagement ring seems like a major breath of fresh air.
    Hidden Diamond Double Cat Claw Prongs Green Emerald Ring
  • Rose Gold Emerald Engagement Ring – We are obsessed with this dreamy-as-ever rose gold engagement ring. The soft pink hue of the setting pairs properly with the bold, saturated green emerald-while a round center stone and thin band make for an aesthetic that copes with to feel modern and chic while still staying completely timeless.
  • Emerald Engagement Ring with Side Stones – If you are searching for an engagement ring that is as timeless as it is head-turning; this emerald-cut emerald engagement ring may just be your dream ring. We cannot get enough of the way the triple-diamond side stones add a little something smooth and charming to the clean, classic lines of the emerald-cut center stone in this significantly swoon-worthy stunner.
  • Three-Stone Emerald Engagement Ring – Is there anything more spectacular than an emerald? An emerald flanked by two enormous diamonds, of course. Wrapping up today’s roundup of engagement rings really worth going green with envy over is this dreamy three-stone emerald engagement ring. We absolutely love the extra sparkle you get from the side-by-side stones-while the old classic yellow gold setting contributes some major warmth.

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