March 31, 2020

Esport: An Inside Look at the Electronic Sport in India

We live in a digital world where the internet is an indispensable element in our lifestyle. The technological evolution has made it easy to transform conventional ideas into innovative and exciting ideas.

Today, you can play your favorite sport or game electronically, thanks to the invention of e-sports.

A Closer Look at What E-sports Entails 

For starters, E-sport (electronic sport) is a competitive video gaming for professionals. Here you play video games against opponents competitively on an electronic system.

It tests your skills and talent in a wide variety of games. In most cases, people play E-sports in the form of competitions.

Nature of Electronic sports

Esports isn’t just about playing the games on screens. Electronic sports have a professional and competitive nature. You, therefore, require skills, time, and dedication, just like any other game, to be a seasoned player. This calls for hours of hard work to sharpen your skills and strategies.

You can compete against two or more players in teams. Also, electronic sports allow you to compete individually on multi-player video games.

Some competitions take place at the global stage. For instance, Call of Duty, Fortnight World Cup, and League of Legends World Championship are eagerly anticipated worldwide and have a massive prize pool in the order of $100 million.

The Growing Indian E-sport Market

It’s not surprising that India is one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to mobile gaming. Digital gaming tends to appeal more to the younger generation.

Also, more than one-third of Indians, both men and women, play mobile games more than five days weekly.  In fact, the number of game development companies has grown to 250 from 25 back in 2010.

Benefits of Playing Electronic Games

  • Playing digital games enhances hand-eye coordination
  • The games improve memory, critical thinking and problem solving
  • Today, gaming is a career path that can provide industry jobs

Why is the Electronic Sport Industry Growing Seismically in India?

The growth of popularity in online gaming sports is also boosted by the penetration of 4G. Digital innovations have made the game more fun and interactive.

Another crucial factor leading to gaming industry growth is the rising number of smartphone users. The Indian video game industry is worth $818 million.

Here is the point. The future of eSports in India is very bright.  It’s no wonder that big names like Junglee Games and Dream11 have joined the market. Startups such as FanMojo, Nodwin Gaming, and JetSynthesys are also making a name in the market.

At the basic level, you need an internet connection, headsets, and console. This breaks socioeconomic barriers making it more inclusive to people from diverse backgrounds.

E-sports have significantly led to the evolution of sports gaming in India by leveraging the real passion for sports.

E-sports has Spread Its Wings to Casinos

One of the sectors where esports has had significant effects is the casino is both online and the brick and mortar establishments. Online casinos have spotted this opportunity and are making a grand entry into the lucrative gaming industry.

Traditional casinos have adopted electronic games as part of their business. There are rooms inside these casinos that host electronic sports competitions all through.

The digital games are designed using state of the art technology, making them attractive than conventional online casino games such as Roulette and Blackjack.

Virtual technology is used to give players a unique experience. You can also enjoy exhilarating digital games with an intuitive interface and top-notch graphics in an online casino. You must, however, sign up in the best online casino in India.

Genres of E-sport Game Arena

  • First Person Shooters – These games follow a hero or heroine, usually in a military-based setting.
  • Strategy and Survival – These games are designed around fighting games with the feature if developing survival strategies.
  • Multiplayer Battles Games – The games feature teams that comprise of about five players. Each player controls a hero or character.
  • Fighting Game – In this game setting, you are pitted against another individual player.  You can also compete as a team.
  • Racing Game – As the name suggests, players compete against each other, driving cars in track simulations.
  • Sports Games – Sports games allow you to build teams. You can either choose football, basketball, and a myriad of other games.  One of the popular names in sports games is the FIFA series.

Electronic Sports the New Fun-Filled Entertainment!

Today there is an emphasis on developing casino games that involve skills instead of luck alone. Luckily casinos are starting to introduce slots games modeled like e-sports to involve some skills. This makes the games more fun and engaging.

Playing e-sports is not just about fun. You can join elite gaming teams and compete for millions of dollars and lucrative deals from big brands. Nowadays, casinos are not just about poker and slots; eSport is also becoming part of the entertainment.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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