July 27, 2023

Exploring Stacked Monitors in the Workplace: Case Studies and Success Stories

Steve Jobs, a co-founder of Apple Inc., is remembered for saying these words: “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life…” It’s so true since even when your entire day is not taken up by the regular 9 to 5, you are working a remote job that needs you to be sedentary for so long or on the move.

However, whether out at work or in your home office, you need to be efficient and productive to do quality work and make the time spent working count. Peter Drucker, who was known as the father of management thinking, posited that “Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things.” You want to be able to do both and monitors like Mobile Pixel Geminos stacked monitors were designed to help you with that.

A leading graphic design industry consultancy, Jon Peddie Research, conducted one among designers, engineers, and multimedia industry workers and discovered that there was a 42% increase in their productivity when they used multiple screens.

A little about the Geminos Multi Monitor series

The idea for the Geminos stacked monitors from Mobile Pixels was born in February 2020. One of the co-founders, Jack Yao, had been working at Amazon for some time, and he constantly experienced dissatisfaction with his single monitor setup. Before this job, he had worked elsewhere with an extra screen. You can imagine the thoughts running through his mind when he had already experienced the wonders of a dual-screen and then is faced with the constricting single screen again. In his place of employment, he then made a laptop version of the series with more screens than one! The series was called DUEX. It raised over a million dollars. Since then, they have launched the TRIO, DUEX Plus, DUEX Lite, and DUEX Max. That was in June 2018.

He knew how much better his productivity and efficiency would be if he had a larger screen, so he decided to make one of a different kind. Though the idea was born in 2020, the KICKSTARTER launch finally happened two years later, in September. Now, everyone has the luxury of the Mobile Pixels Monitor series with more stacked monitors than you can count.

Geminos Stacked monitors for workplace.

The monitor setup contains two monitors in one. Each of its screens is 24 inches. Its resolution is on point at 1080 FHD (Full high definition). You might need to plug in your combo and other devices, but don’t worry; it has two USB Type C ports. Also, you’ll need video options if you want to connect other screens, the manufacturers of Geminos stacked monitors have you in mind, so there are two HDMI ports for this purpose.

There’s a lot more in it, like the built-in webcam, which gives you clean videos in virtual meetings and casual calls. High-quality speakers to play sounds that keep your creative juices flowing (this is for your home office, please) and an inbuilt microphone.

Another thing that stands out is the effort put into ergonomics to keep your health in check as you work. The Mobile Pixel Geminos have an adjustable height. You can as well bend the screen at different angles or fully vertically as you see fit for your setup.

To cap it off, a 10 in 1 port provides endless possibilities for connections compatible with macOS, Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation. You’ll absolutely love it.

Case Studies and Success Stories

Many people have used stacked monitors and have testified to an increase in efficiency and productivity from making that simple switch to monitors like Geminos stacked monitors. Let’s explore their stories.

Ideal perfection

Sam Hill, writing for Wired Magazine, mentions how, though he transitioned from being a game developer to a writer, after twenty-five years of sitting at a desk, he found plenty of joy when he discovered his new setup, which was perfect. He also mentioned that multiple screens were the best for your home office setup.

Though this setup consists of separate monitors, imagine how much-stacked monitors would improve your efficiency at work. If they were stacked on top of each other, it would give more desk space. Like Sam Hill, you would experience multiple joys of ideal perfection and be a lot more productive.

Big picture

Details definitely create the big picture. Ben, a YouTuber, writer, video editor, and tech enthusiast, could not contain his joy after finding the Geminos stacked monitors. He tried it out and found out how seamless his work has been since using these monitors.

As a writer, he enjoyed using the vertical position. It helps him see the big picture as he writes. His experience with it is that of one typing words on a broad sheet of paper, noticing where every piece or word should sit.

He found it impressive as a video editor that he could have the main screen of the video up while the other had the features for editing. It made work easier to perform, and it increased productivity.

Final words

These stacked monitors were created by creatives like you to meet every creative and organization’s needs. Sam Hill and Ben’s stories prove that the Geminos stacked monitors are the touch of magic you need to level up your productivity game. If you are looking for the big picture, these monitors are for you. However, if you are in search of ideal perfection, the monitors offer this to you as well.

Organizations have realized that this is the missing puzzle piece they have been looking for to make their work more enjoyable and increase the premium output each feature provides. And if what you need is a touch of order in your work, we know that life is too complicated not to be orderly. Perhaps you want to test it out. You can try it out for 30 days and then decide whether it is the best fit for you or not. We promise it is a decision you will not regret.

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