July 27, 2023

F1 2023 Alternate Odds Without Max Verstappen

F1 Odds without Max Verstappen: Which driver would have the highest chances if Max was out of the picture?

The F1 summer break is approaching, but even now, with more than ten races to go into the 2023 season, we can conclude that Max Verstappen and Red Bull have locked out the Driver’s Championship title and the Constructor’s Championship title.

The odds for Max Verstappen to win the championship are already at 1.05 (decimal odds), so it would be a miracle if he didn’t win the title this year. Continuing their dominance from the second part of last year’s season, Red Bull has created a true ‘rocketship,’ and the odds for the Austrian team to win the Constructor’s Championship stand at 1.02 at the moment – making it almost impossible for any other team to challenge them. Both Red Bull cars would need to DNF or finish outside points in all the remaining races for some of the other teams to challenge them, but what if the Red Bulls were out of the picture – particularly Max Verstappen?

Some betting sites offer odds for alternate F1 betting markets, and the one we’re looking at today is: What are the odds for the Drivers’ Championship title if Max Verstappen didn’t participate in it? Check out which drivers would have the highest chances and what odds you could get to use the best free bet offers in Vietnam. Stay tuned!

Sergio Perez (1.50)

Despite his lackluster performance in the last five races and the talks about Perez losing his seat at Red Bull, he’s still in the best car on the grid and is leading the pack with 19 points ahead of Alonso. Moreover, as Product Owner Tony Sloterman puts it, you don’t ‘forget how to drive’ that easily, so Perez is expected to return to the top anytime soon.

With two wins and five podium finishes, he’s the only driver to win a race this year (except Max Verstappen), so he’s the heavy favorite to win the title if Max was out of the picture.

Lewis Hamilton (4.00)

Even though Alonso is currently ahead of Hamilton in terms of points, the Silver Arrows are getting back in shape, and Hamilton did manage to secure his 104th Pole Position at the Hungarian Grand Prix. The seven-time Drivers’ Championship winner is still hungry for more, and with odds of 4.00, he’s the second favorite to win the title behind Perez.

If Mercedes’ current form is anything to go by, it’s expected that the team might snatch a win by the end of the season, which would surely come as a wind at Hamilton’s back.

Fernando Alonso (6.00)

The 42-year-old 2-time World Championship surprised everyone with his maiden podium finish in the Aston Martin at the start of the 2023 F1 season, but he’s been performing consistently throughout the season. With six podium finishes, he’s been the most consistent driver after Max Verstappen, and if it wasn’t for the Aston Martin’s drop in form, we could easily see Alonso grabbing his long-awaited 33rd win.

As things stand now, however, Fernando would be more than happy with a podium finish. Many of Aston Martin’s main competitors, Mercedes and McLaren, have brought numerous upgrades into the season. Hence, the car is not as competitive as it was a few races ago.

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