October 28, 2016

Facebook Audience Network for Publishers Review

Facebook has introduced it’s audience network where advertisers can show their ads on third party apps and mobile applications. Later they introduced Instant Articles, where the publishers can display ads from Audience Network and make money.

There are not many options to make money from Instant Articles as the usage of scripts is very minimal. Publishers are displaying Facebook Audience Network ads via Instant Articles. I have been a power user of Instant Articles since it’s inception and am still using despite few disadvantages. In this article I would be sharing my experience with Instant Articles and few revenue stats to give you an idea.

If you are not aware of Instant Articles and Facebook audience network. Do go to our official Facebook Page via Facebook App. You should see articles with flash opening instantly without loading at all. These are known as Instant Articles by Facebook. The ads that you see on Instant Articles are delivered by Facebook Audience Network. In case you are new to Instant Articles, read the below listed guide to implement/understand the same.


Earnings Report from Facebook Audience Network:

To be very honest, the earnings are not at all impressive while compared to Google AdSense. However, we are still using Instant Articles for a different reason which we will mention at the end of the article. The RPM’s are very minimal compared to Google AdSense. I see a little improvement after using Instant Articles for a couple of months.

We can deliver other ads if we want to via iframe, but that would be a violation according to Google AdSense and even though you get a special permission to deliver the same, the ads do not load like Facebook Audience Network due to different reasons. So, you are forced to implement only Audience Network as of now. Let’s have a look at the revenue profile;


Payment Proof from Facebook Audience Network:

Payments are regular and on time. You can receive payments directly to bank via Inward Remittance which is a very good option.


Final Words:

Audience Network revenue is very poor compared to AdSense, but we are still relying on Instant Articles because of the great user experience. We hope Facebook will address this and improve the revenues via some optimization.

Let me know your opinion on the same in your comments below. Do participate in the discussion on the forum on this topic.

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Imran Uddin

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