March 2, 2014

How Facebook Auto Tagging Spam Works ? Measures to Avoid getting Spammed

As soon as you read the title your mind will become so much eager towards the article because it is based on spamming Facebook and how to avoid yourself from being spammed by the cheap tricks. Facebook has become the number one place to spam people next to Yahoo chat rooms. In Yahoo chat rooms people spam with bots,auto login tricks and People in Facebook spam by making others to comment & tag friends list on a particular post. I bet you would have experienced this spam earlier or atleast witnessed it happening to your friends. I’ll break this tutorial to teach you how it actually works and how it can be avoided.

Facebook has already taken the necessary security measures but still people are vulnerable to this attack. If you aren’t aware of it by any chance then let me explain you what the spam is about.

You will be tempted by a cute message tending to help you in “Hacking your friends Facebook“. For that first you will be asked to copy a code and paste it on your console. When the code is executed in the browser console without your knowledge you will tag all of your friends in a particular post.

So, How does Facebook Spam Works ?

Here is the CODE which spammers use for allowing yourself to fall in a trap . I had divided the important parts of the code where the spammers point their particular pages for tagging.

1. The piece of code you see in the below screenshot is the place where the spammer will insert the profile ID’s. So what happens here is that the person who is executing the code will automatically like the pages and follow the people of that ID mentioned in the code automatically without their knowledge.

how to do facebook spams

2. The next required code is the ID of the post or the photo that the spammers wants to tag everyone. That is placed next to the cookie in the code like shown in the below screenshot.

spam facebook pages and friends

Realizing the XSS spamming Facebook did an immediately measure by disabling the console getting executed in Facebook. It is not working anymore because of Facebook’s action and if you want to test it with your own profile then you can use this website to unblock console by ticking the check box.

How to Avoid from Being Spammed by Facebook ?

1. Do not copy & paste anything on your console while you are in Facebook.

2. Go to this website and un-tick the check box if it is already checked.

facebook selfxss

3. Do not trust links from unknown members or pages which tends to teach hacking FB users.

4. Don’t click on video links which are asking you to share them on your wall ( Mostly it will lead to spam).

5. Installing thousands of games and apps will atleast allow one malicious script to spam your profile.

Share this article and allow your friends to stay away from the hands of hackers and spammers.

About the author 

Imran Uddin

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