May 11, 2021

FedEx Review: You May Want to Check Alternatives Instead

Being able to send packages and items to different people worldwide thanks to delivery services is one of the greatest things about this point in time. If you want to send a gift to a friend who lives across the world or someone from another country wants to buy one of your products, it’s completely possible thanks to this service.

One delivery service in particular that we’re going to write a review on today is FedEx. It is one of the leading companies in the industry right now, but is it the right one for you? Is FedEx really as great as it touts itself to be, or should you save yourself the trouble and use another company’s services?

In this review, you’ll find out everything you need to know and more.

What Is FedEx?

FedEx Corporation has been in the industry since 1971, delivering packages to various cities within the United States. However, the concept of FedEx was the brainchild of Fred Smith back in 1965, when he wrote a term paper for class about a system that caters to urgent shipments that need to be delivered as soon as possible. Fast forward to several years, and today, FedEx ships millions upon millions of packages and parcels in a day to hundreds of regions and countries worldwide.

What Services Are Expected of FedEx?

Track Your Orders

Just like other delivery services out there, you’ll receive a tracking number from FedEx whenever you ship something. You can then give the other person you’re shipping to that tracking number so they can check where the parcel is or when the estimated date of arrival is.

Shipping Services

Of course, there are different shipping options available to you. Some of FedEx’s popular shipping services include the following:

  • Overnight shipping
  • Ground shipping
  • International shipping
  • Freight shipping
  • Flat rate shipping
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FedEx Complaints

Even though FedEx is currently one of the top delivery services in the industry, we’ve come to notice that the company’s reputation has been decreasing steadily. Based on FedEx reviews online, it appears that many customers have become disappointed and frustrated with the service they received. Here are some of the most common complaints:

Lost Packages and Careless Couriers

Many customers have complained that their packages got lost, mostly because the person delivering the parcel was being careless. Some couriers would just leave packages in vulnerable and generally unsafe places, which means anyone could freely steal the package when no one is looking.

Parcels Don’t Get Delivered in Time

After excitedly waiting for weeks or days, some customers were left frustrated when FedEx delivered their package several days after the expected time frame. This can definitely be a nuisance for those who need the items in the package as soon as possible.

Terrible Customer Service

Apparently, FedEx’s customer service team isn’t that great. When customers tried to resolve the situation or discussed their parcel with a representative, they mostly didn’t provide a satisfying solution to the issue.

Alternatives You May Want to Check out Instead

Fortunately, FedEx isn’t the only company in the industry. These recent reviews sound terrible, so it would probably best to try out the other delivery services available. Some alternatives are:

  • USPS
  • UPS
  • DHL


It’s regrettable that FedEx has been getting a bad reputation as of late. If you need to get something shipped and delivered to another place, you may want to consider another delivery service. FedEx may be a renowned brand, but it’s better to choose an alternative if you don’t want to risk losing your package.

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