August 2, 2016

Pokémon Go: The Phenomenon of Modern Day Mobile Gaming

We’ve seen how Pokémon Go has become a huge hit amongst people all over the world. In fact, it only took 13 hours for Pokémon Go to reach the top of the highest-grossing apps in the US. Now, it has garnered more downloads than Facebook or Twitter. The amount of Nintendo’s market value increased to $9 billion at the first five days the game was launched. So it’s not long enough before App review sites, like AndroidOut, start working out on what makes Pokémon Go phenomenal.

pokemon go

What exactly makes the app so special? Why does it appeal so much to the public as compared to the previous Pokémon games? Let’s find out.

#1. Simplicity

The gameplay of Pokémon Go is very simple; you walk around using your phone to find pocket monsters and catch them all. Unlike the previous Pokémon games wherein buttons need to be combined to catch a Pokémon or to fight one, the latest app only allows you aim and flick.

pokemon go walker

#2. Graphics

The graphics of Pokémon Go is simply awesome. It makes use of 3D foreground graphics set against real-time background. Since the game uses a first person POV, the graphics appearing on a real physical space mixes the reality and the game together. That in itself, already appeals to the modern gamers. It’s not augmented reality, but it’s a step closer towards it.


#3. Gameplay

The game uses a software that maps virtual pocket monsters to a physical surrounding. To play, you use your phone camera and your GPS to track down a pocket monster in your area. Let’s say you’re in your living room; you can use your phone camera to point at your couch and see if there is a Pokémon behind it. The app allows you to do so. With your GPS, you can also look at your current location and detect the nearest Pokémons and PokéStops (Pokémon Shops). It doesn’t end there—you can even battle gym leaders and trainers. You can use your GPS to track down trainers and use your existing team to fight them using your phone. In essence, it’s like you’re playing Pokémon in virtual reality style.


#4. Free Stuff

Pokémon Go can be played for free. One thing that you can do in it that you can’t do in other games of the same franchise is getting free items. You can actually get a daily item in a PokéStop. Other than that, you can also have Rare Candies after exchanging some of your Pokémon. Just so you know, Rare Candies are used to level up your Pokémon, so you can trade in your duplicates for some Candies.


Pokémon Go is a new app that is changing the world of gaming. Not only does it force gamers out of their room, take a walk around cities, and meet new people, it also delivers a unique experience exclusive to mobile devices. It’s fun and engaging. Moreover, because it’s simple to use, it even appeals greatly to casual gamers. Now, people are expecting more out of mobile games.

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