November 10, 2022

Fiat Money Versus Bitcoin – Which Is Better?

Bitcoin and virtual currencies are two different concepts because one has a physical existence, whereas another is a digital one. Along with fiat money, bitcoin has been trending for the last two years. As of the start of the pandemic, we have seen a regular hike in bitcoin prices, and it has also become one of the highest-return assets of all time. Investments with bitcoin are easy and perform fast, speedy, transparent, and secure transactions if we compare it with fiat money transactions. For a safer trading experience, you may visit The official BitIQ app.

Both currencies prefer the same utility and act as a medium of exchange. Fiat currency is the central medium of exchange and delivers the exchange trust between the payee and recipient. At the same time, bitcoin is a decentralized currency with no legal tendency to verify its transactions. Moving money fast, securely, cost-efficient, and anonymously with fiat money can sometimes be challenging, but any central authority does not bind bitcoin. 

Features of bitcoin

Store of value

Most of the fiat money is used as a store of value. Many people do not invest money; they keep storing liquid cash to protect themselves from deflation, inflation, and practical monetary values. Many investors store bitcoin as a long-term asset, due to which bitcoin creates a high chance of growth, and also, in the long run, bitcoin can give comparatively high returns from gold and other physical asset investments. Bitcoin is also known for its high volatile prices and high growth prospectus. Shortly, bitcoin will be used as a medium of exchange in the international and domestic markets, replacing the dollar dominance in the Import-exports.

Medium of exchange

Fiat currency is a legal medium of exchange facilitated by the government. The supervising authority for fiat currency is the government, thus creating trust among the citizens to exchange fiat currency for goods and services. Bitcoin is an independent base that does not involve any central authority to facilitate its transactions, whereas it uses blockchain to hold and record transactions. Blockchain is a network-based data-collecting network that is used to record bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It keeps the data secure and out of the reach of hacks and cyber attacks. In addition, blockchain is an advanced technology that can be used for business purposes like recording personal data for import exports, holding the records of partners of a company, and creating different ledgers using DLT technology to maintain accounts of multiple partners at a single network. 

Crypto introduction is a whole new introduction to the digital payment world. Since people are hesitating to use crypto for making payments. After the pandemic, the scene has changed as people shift from domestic to digital payments. During the pandemic, bitcoin is seen as the highest-growing asset, giving around four times higher returns than any other ordinary investment.

Issuance and governance

One of the most critical facts about fiat currency is it lacks its intrinsic values. It can be said that the value of fiat currency depends on decisions made by the government, and only the government can change the value of fiat currency. Mostly the central, or we can say that the issuer bank controls the money flow in the country. Government rules the fiat currency in the markets. On the other hand, cryptocurrency does not have any central financial authority to regulate its prices and flow in the markets. Crypto prices depend on the demand for a particular coin. For example, bitcoin is fixed with a supply cap of 21 million, where not more than 21 million bitcoin can flow into the market. 

Thus shortly, the demand for bitcoin will rise significantly as there will be no bitcoin left to buy or sell. Therefore, investors who have bitcoins will not sell with a motive to earn long-term and high profits. 


Bitcoin has the potential to rule the digital payment world and also to grow the world economy. But also, crypto payments do not guarantee reliability and stability for payments. The prices of crypto are highly volatile and can drop or sky hike anytime. At the same time, fiat currency is a better option for attaining stability and price control. Fiat currency can control inflation, but crypto can lead to inflation. If we compare both for their qualities and facilities, both are correct and hold some specialty in their places.

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