March 30, 2021

What Is FileLinked for and How Can You Use It With Amazon Firestick?

The Amazon Firestick, in and of itself, is already a pretty impressive streaming tool. It already offers several streaming options and services without having to break the bank. However, what really makes the Firestick and Fire TV shine is the fact that it’s capable of running a variety of apps that would otherwise be unavailable on Amazon’s official App Store. FileLinked is essentially like a bridge that allows you to download those apps easily and conveniently.

What Exactly Is FileLinked?

Now that you have a gist of what FileLinked is about, let’s dive in deeper. There are actually several different ways you can install third-party apps on you Firestick. As a matter of fact, you’ll be using one of them in this guide in order to download and install FileLinked. Admittedly, it may seem ironic, but trust that once FileLinked is in your library of apps, it will make the process of downloading other apps significantly better.

Most of the time, you’d usually have to type lengthy URLs or visit other websites in order to gain access to an installer. This isn’t too much of a hassle if you’re using your laptop, desktop computer, or mobile device, as these platforms were specially designed to download files and browse the web. However, this isn’t the case for your TV.

With FileLinked, you can easily turn download links into a simple string of numbers such as 26648310, for instance. For the past recent years, it has become quite common for Firestick users to download (or sideload) apps that aren’t available in Amazon’s App Store. FileLinked allows you to create a code for an app and share it to others, which can make it ten times easier to download that particular app.

As a matter of fact, you can even package several apps into one FileLinked code! This allows you to download several tools at once. However, there’s just one small problem: there’s also a risk to this. Anyone in the world can use FileLinked and create a code, which means there’s always the risk of accidentally downloading viruses and malware. As such, it’s highly recommended that you only use codes from trustworthy sites/developers and people you know and trust.

How To Install It on Your Firestick

Installing FileLinked on your Firestick consists of several steps, but they’re not too complicated overall. Before anything, you’ll need to download an app first called Downloader. But prior to that, you’ll have to change something in your streaming device’s settings first. Let’s begin!

On your Firestick’s home screen, press up until you see the menu at the very top. Scroll over to the very end and select the Settings button.

Scroll through the list of menu options again and choose My Fire TV.

Tap on Developer Options.

Turn on Apps from Unknown Sources by simply clicking on it.

A prompt will appear asking you for confirmation. Press Turn On.

Return to the home screen and head over to the search function.

Type in “Downloader” in the search bar.

Tap on the app’s icon and click Download.

Once the installation process is complete, launch the app by tapping Open.

Click Allow when you see this prompt.

Hit the OK button.

From here, you’ll see this home page. Click on the search bar where you can type a URL.

Type in the designated text field and tap Go.

Wait for the app to finish downloading.

Click on the Install button.

Select Done.

Since you won’t be needing the file anymore, you can click Delete.

Choose delete again to confirm.

Find the newly installed FileLinked app from your Firestick’s app library. From there, you can launch the app.

At this point, you’re all set! You can now start using FileLinked.

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Downloading third-party applications has never been easier thanks to FileLinked. If you’re tired of having to type in long website URLs, then you should definitely check out this highly convenient app. The installation process doesn’t take a long time too, and you can refer back to this guide if you run into any issues.

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