August 26, 2017

How to Identify a Song With & Without Lyrics – Top 12 Audio Recognition Apps

Most of the time, it happens that, when you are listening to some pleasant song playing on the RM radio station. You would love to listen to that song once again, but unfortunately, you didn’t get the lyrics of that lovely music. You don’t even know the title of that music album, then how could you find the details of that particular song? Don’t think too much! Here is the solution for your problem. Technology has completely changed our lives and you don’t need to work hard for finding anything. Plenty of applications are available to help you find any melodious tune that hovers into your ear. Here is a list of some audio recognition apps that help you identify songs, music, TV shows and movies.

Top 12 Audio Recognition Apps (Mobile & Web) Apps – What Song Is That

There are numerous search engines like Google, Firefox which may not be helpful unless you know a few words from the song that you wish to listen. Google can help you at least if you have some clue about the details of the song or artists in that song. Here is the list of top 12 audio recognition services that help you discover the names of the song even without knowing its lyrics and also by using the lyrics. You can use these apps to identify any kind of music playing from Television, Radio or the Internet. Check it out right now!

1. Shazam – Identify Song via Mobile Phone

Shazam is undoubtedly the king of all audio recognition apps. It is a mobile application that holds a massive record and identifies almost all songs playing on TV, radio, etc. at any place. You will get the name of the song and artist along with the artist’s biography and discography. You can use this application to identify song names from your iPhone, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Android, and Nokia phones. Shazam can also be used on an iPod provided you have an external microphone. The application links you through YouTube, Rdio, Spotify,  Amazon, and iTunes to buy or listen to the songs.

Shazam - audio recognition app

  • Firstly, download and install the Shazam application on your mobile phone.
  • Hold your phone towards the music source (say TV, Radio).
  • Just hit the Tag button so that you let Shazam identify the playing song.
  • It then displays the details of the music along with the artist’s name.
  • Even if you don’t have an internet connection while recording on Shazam, it saves your tag and later identifies it when your mobile has internet access.

Shazam is a free version, but you get limited functionality of recording and identifying up to 5 different tracks per month compared to the paid version which offers unlimited tracking for $4.99. You will not be charged if the application couldn’t recognize the tune. It works only with pre-recorded music, but not with live shows. If the tune cannot be recognized, there’s no charge. If you are in the UK, just dial 2580 and hold your phone to record the music on Shazam.

Download: Google Play | App Store | Windows Phone Store | Mac

2. SoundHound

SoundHound is one of the best mobile applications which is usually enabled on smartphones like iPhone and Android. Sometimes, you might get stuck at some point while humming a song, but unable to memorize the name of the song because of fuzzy lyrics. SoundHound is similar to Shazam, and most of the people consider SoundHound as the best app which gives accurate and faster results.

SoundHound - Audio Recognition App

You need to hum the tune, just a few words and the app will instantly identify the song and displays the result. The result can be shared on social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook and save your tags as the app provides you with the lyrics while displaying the album of the artist.

Download: Google Play | BlackBerry | AppStore | Windows Store

3. MusicID

MusicID is also a mobile application that is capable of recognizing the music playing around. It is similar to Shazam that works only with pre-recorded music. MusicID is an iPhone app that is available worldwide.

MusicID - Audio Recognition app

  • Firstly, download and install the Shazam application on your mobile phone.
  • Hold your phone towards the music source (say TV, Radio).
  • It will then tell you which song is being played.

It is a free mobile app that supports iPhone, Blackberry, Windows Mobile or any Java phone to identify music with MusicID. People in the US don’t require any downloads as they have an SMS based service. Just dial a small code, record some tune by holding your phone and you will receive a text message with the result.

Download: Google Play | iTunes

4. AudioTag

The audio tag is a free online music recognition app wherein you need to upload a fragment of a recorded song from your device and it figures out the exact name of the song. You can check out for the information of any song just by uploading a short audio shred that identifies the track by comparing the audio to its own music database.

Audiotag- Music Recognition app

  • Firstly, Visit the website.
  • Upload a short audio snippet file from your device or you can specify the URL and click on Proceed.
  • It starts comparing a particular tune with the music from its own database.
  • AudioTag will then display the recognized information of the song.

To get the best results, you should either take a short tune from the middle of the song or upload the whole song so that the recognition engine will choose segments of the song randomly by itself. This helps you to check out the details of your desired song.

Visit Website: AudioTag

5. Midomi

Midomi is a well-organized site that comes with a unique search engine where you can search for any song just by singing, humming and even whistling the music. This unique application is capable of listening to the song or tune and suggests the name of that song. It has a huge database that helps you find the song from any source.

Midomi - Audio Recognition app

  • Initially. Visit the site
  • Click on the search box where you can Sing or Hum for your desired song.
  • It then asks you for Camera and Microphone access. Just click on Allow and start humming the tune.
  • It uploads the tune which you have hummed and displays the name of the song.

Midomi is a web application where you can hum or sing for about 10 seconds and the service will then display a list of matching songs. It is recommended to keep the volume bar in the green and avoid disturbance in the background. Midomi is not only free to use online but also available as a mobile app for iPhone, Android, Nokia Ovi, and Windows Mobile phones.

Visit Website: Midomi

6. WatZatSong

WatZatSong is a most creative app that helps you when computers fail to recognize the song that you are searching for, you can simply take the help of any individual who may have an idea about that song and provides you with the result.

WatZatSong - Online music recognition app

WatZatSong is actually  ‘What’s that song’ where you can upload a sample MP3 audio recording of the song on the website so that other members of the site can help you suggest the song name. The suggestions may not come instantly, but you can provide you some details about the song like the language and its musical style. WatZatSong is a web app that lets you cross-post the same song request on other social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook, etc. so more people can help you in the search.

Visit Website: WatZatSong

7. MusiXmatch

MusiXmatch is an online application used for lyrics recognition which has a huge collection of databases. Just by typing the lyrics, you can precisely get the exact song you’re looking for. This app provides you man features that lets you tag and save your desired lyrics. You can also browse them when you’re offline and share it with your friends.

Musixmatch - music recognition app

MusiXmatch is the largest lyrics catalog that enables you to not only discover song names but also allows you to sing along to your favorite songs by providing lyrics. This app is compatible with almost all third-party players.

Download: Google Play | Windows Store | App Store 

8. Name My Tune

Name My Tune is an online application to find the name of a song and listen to other people’s songs. If you sing or hum a short audio clip of the song using your microphone, it will capture the tune and allow others to recognize it.

Name My Tune - Song recognition app After recording the short clip, just enter the Genre and Era of the song that you think about. The other people on the site will then email you the song name along with the artist.

Visit Website: Name My Tune (Update: This link is no longer available.)

9. Musipedia

Musipedia is a melody search engine where you can search for any song in two different ways. One way is to search for the song by playing it on a virtual keyboard (Piano) and the other way is to whistle the tune of the song using any microphone. It is one of the best applications that help you find classical music. It is capable of identifying various types of music with a particular melody from its massive collection of tunes, songs, and musical themes. The collection of a database that has tunes, songs is editable by the contributors that benefit to build up the site in the most effective way.

Visit Website: Musipedia

10. Spotsearch

Spotsearch is heavily incorporated with Spotify, which is the most popular Online Music app. It allows you to type any song lyrics virtually so that it identifies the song thereby links you on Spotify. Spotsearch directly links you to YouTube so that you can listen to music instantly.

SpotSearch - Music Recognition app

Spotsearch is a free mobile app that supports both Android and other mobile phones. You can directly search in the search box to find the song.

Download: Google Play | App Store

Mobile & Web Apps – Identify Song By Lyrics

Till now, you have seen various mobile and web apps that help you to identify your favorite song without knowing its lyrics. There are some online apps that help you to recognize the song by using the lyrics of that particular song. Here we are listing a few web apps that assist you in finding the song just by knowing the lyrics.

11. LyricFind

LyricFind - identify Song by lyrics

LyricFind is a combined mobile and web application that helps you identify a song just by entering the name of the tune. Some tune may be running in your brain, but you actually don’t remember who sang that particular song and what is the name of that song. In such a case, LyricFind is the best lyrics finding an app that assists you to find out the name of your desired song by typing the name of the tune. LyricFind offers many services such as Lyric Display, Lyric synchronization, download lyrics and many more. You can also download

Visit Website: LyricFind

12. Find Music By Lyrics

Find Music By Lyrics - Identify Song by lyrics

Find Music By Lyrics is a completely online application that assists you in identifying the song by its lyrics. All that you need to do is to enter any artist who acted in that particular song or type a short lyric phrase. You can also search for the song just by entering the name. Once you search for the lyrics, it lists out numerous sites wherein you can find the lyrics of your desired song.

Visit Website: Find Music By Lyrics

By using these music recognition apps, you can easily identify the songs, names of the songs, lyrics along with the name of an album artist. For more song identification apps you can check out this article. Hope this article helps you in the best way to recollect your favorite songs using the audio recognition apps.

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